Monday, 6 July 2009

Welcome back sports fans.

We’re all off to sunny Germany and the Nurburgring 2009.

It’s fast and smooth, ideal for the Redbulls and Brawns to fight it all out. The weather looks to be changeable, with rain up until Friday and cloud all weekend.
Now, when Brawn turned up to a cold Silverstone they had a real problem getting the tires up to temperature. The is because Button is ever so smooth and Barrichello is slow. The Redbulls work their tires hard, which wears them out faster, but means they get more grip faster too.

If Nurburgring is cold then Vettel on his home circuit is going to be a shoe in for the win. Long fast high speed flowing corners really suit the Redbulls, Webber too looked pretty handy on a cold English track, so he’ll be pushing Vettel hard.
Brawn claim they aren’t worried at all and Ross is talking Up Barrichello and his chances. Unlike Silverstone, where they hardly touch the brakes, Germany has lot’s of tight hairpins after long straights. Big heavy breaking zones suit the Brawns so they’ll be closer to the Redbulls than the last time out, the question will be by how much.

I think the cold weather is going to play into Vettel hands, but what to I know.

As for the rest, it’s been very quite on the news front. Bernie is walking around telling everyone that Hitler did a rubbish job and Saddam was a misunderstood organisational genius. i.e. Max is ace and I love his dictatorial style baby. If as everyone suspects Jean Todt gets the FIA fuehrer roll, how will Bernie deal with him I wonder. Being Max’s bezzy mate gave Bernie a lot of scope to build an empire, something he did with glee. I wonder if Todt or the next chap is as accommodating.

Anyway Ferrari are talking up a good race, with Alonso already signed for 2010 apparently and either Glock or Rosberg signed for 2011, how much effort will Kimi and Massa be putting in? Or rather will Kimi start putting any effort into racing anytime this year? I doubt it personally.

Else were Toyota looked to have fixed what ever problems they had with good qualifying and racing at Silverstone. This track should suit them too, so expect Trulli to have a tilt at the pole on Saturday.

Williams are still in the top 10 at the moment but Renault (soon to be Briatorie) is chasing them down. Well Alonso is, if only to remind his new employers how good he is in a rubbish car. Piquet is already downloading the unemployment forms for next year.

McLaren claim that this is going to be the last throw of the dice for the 2009 car, if that doesn’t work they’ll start working on the 2010 car after this weekend.

BMW will be hoping for something good to happen this week, it’s the mid point of the season and so far they have bugger all to show for a lot of money.

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