Monday, 13 July 2009

German F1 gp, It's an ozzy win

Well that was all very exciting wasn’t it !

Exactly what have McLean done to turn a rather rubbish car into a pocket rocket. If it hadn’t been for Webber getting all unnecessary off the line, we could have had a bit of a fight there, as it was despite getting a drive through penalty for attempting to punt Barrichello into the pit all. Webber won a flag to flag victory in a pretty dominate display.

Webber was blindingly fast all weekend, with a solid pole on Saturday ahead of the lighter Brawns of Button and Barrichello. Qualifying was all about being on the tack at the right time, with sudden cloud burst turning the track into a skating rink in the blink of an eye. The track would get slippery for 5 minutes then dry out and give the drivers a tilt at posting fast laps. Though it all the Brawns and Redbulls fought it out to be at the front. Joined for a change by both of the Mclarens. I’ve no idea why they’re suddenly up the sharp end of the grid. New areo bits and a rear diffuser have contributed and looked to have solved most of the problems.

But Webber got the job done from very light Brawns and a slow Vettel. Hamilton pulled it up to 5th, which given his last few months is a s good as a win.

Come Sunday and is was bright and clear with neer a cloud in the sky, almost no chance of any rain or anything other than a Redbull demonstration race. Which is what we got, Webber punted Barrichello out of the way, punctured Hamilton’s rear tire and drove off into the distance. He had a drive through for punting Barrichello, which delayed him for 30 seconds odd, but still cruzed home a mile up the road. It looked easy for him, and I suppose he deserves it, despite taking out Hamilton in turn one.

Vettel makes it second, but he wasn’t really at the races and didn’t look like challenging Webber at all. Still it’s another 1-2 for Redbull whilst Brawn fail to make the podium

Massa makes get’s a podium and makes his seat safe for another year. Like Mclaren Ferrari have got on with rebuilding their car, but it’s too late to challenge for the big prize. Expect Massa to be doing well form no on though. Meanwhile Kimi is having a rough old time of it. Once again taking out Force Indias Sutil who was having a cracking race. What is it with Sutil and Kimi, don’t think like each other or something.

Rosberg has a very good weekend and comes home in 4th. Normally by now Williams are floundering down at the back of the finishing pack. This year they look pretty racy. Not talking to FOTA is working out for them I think.

Button, has another damage limitation race, they’ll go much better in Hungary next where it’s warm and slow. But another high speed corner circuit, he couldn’t get the tires up to temperature and lost time with graining tires and no grip where it mattered.

Meanwhile Barrichello is throwing a massive tantrum about the team not liking him and button is stealing his lunch money and a whole bunch of other things that mean he’s not being allowed to win. To which Mr Brawn rolls up and says “Rubins had the 11th fastest lap. You can’t win a race if your best lap time is the 11th fastest. Shut it”

Alonso got the fastest lap, He was pretty racy all weekend, even spinning on on the way to the start line. maybe that Reanult is starting to come good like the Mclaren and Ferrari. That or Alonso was so insenced about being out qualified by Piquet for the first time ever that he went a bit mad ?

Kovy next to prove the Mclaren is getting better

Glock in 9th from the pit road once again shows that Trulli is awful and dull and should be fired

Heidfeld in 10th showing how rubbish the Beemer still is.

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