Monday, 27 July 2009

Hungary like the Wolf

Hurrah for the Plucky lad from Woking and the hard working McLaren Boys.

We have our 4th different winner of the season and a real shock result for some of you. Only Webber in the Redbull got the fastest lap. There were no Brawns on the front row, they were nowhere on the fastest lap table and managed to knoble poor old Massa in to the bargin. What has happen to the once mighty Brawns? They should have been all over this track like a bad case of swine flu. But no they were messing around in the midfield fight over steer and understeer and graining tires and a whole world of rubbishness. It was like they were Hondas or something.

At the time of writing Massa is still in Hospital but is now out of his induced coma and is responding to the doctors. Having seen some of the photos floating around the internet of Massa after he’s been pulled form the car, I have to say he is a very lucky man. The Left side of his head looks like it’s been hit with a cricket bat. He’s lucky to still be able to see. Let’s hope he’s able to return to racing, let along before the end of the season. Watching the car plough head long into the barrier is bad enough, watching the driver get brained first then hit the barrier just brought back memories of Senna.
I’ll let you know who is going to replace him for Valencia when they announce it.

So. Mclaren have burnt the candle at both ends and turned a dog of a car into a race winner. Well done to them. With Kovy in the top 10 too, it shows that they now have a car that both drivers can go and drive. They’re leading the car, not waiting to see what it’ll do half way round the corner. I don’t think they’re going to go on and blow the rest of the field away and steel the silverware from under the Brawns noses, but they’re Hamilton is definalty going to be a feature of the top 5 for the rest of the season.

Alonso also poped up to remind everyone that he can actually drive a car, even if it does have three wheels. To which the FIA to very great exception and have banned Renault for the next round in Valencia. Maybe if Henry Surtees hadn’t been killed by a loose wheel a few day earlier, or Massa not got brained by debry. Then Renault might just have got a fine. But they did and Renault didn’t So don’t expect Alonso to get pole next race.

So Hamilton returns to the top step, along with Kimi 2nd and Webber 3rd.

Kimi saves some pride for Ferrari who had a lot to deal with this weekend. The car was quick but they couldn’t chase Hamilton down. I think both the Mclaren and Ferrari benifited from having KERS systems here. Where over taking is so difficult. They could hunt down the non KERS cars and pass with ease. Kimi did a good job and didn’t fall asleep as usual. I still think he’s going to get fired come the end of the season.

Webber, keeps the momentum of Germany with a solid 3rd. Despite almost hitting Kimi in the pits, and the team generally arsing around all weekend.

4th for Rosberg who is a regular in the top 10 now, Williams look to do a good job at last.

5th Kovalainen proves the Mclaren was really suited to this track, can he go on and make a fist of the final races.

6th Glock, Toyota looked to be down and out on Saturday with rubbish practice and qualifing. But here we are with Glock in the points again. Making the best of things.

7th Button, Oh how it’s all starting to go wrong. The development program has turned a great car into a dog. Quick call the Woking boys to see how it should be done !!

8th Trulli, who actually drove sideways to try and pass some one. No, I can’t believe is either. However, he is doing a lot of Charity work for that Italian town that got flatten in the earth quake. Which is jolly stirling stuff and so I don’t dislike Trulli quite as much as I used to.

9th Nakajima who didn’t hit anything for a change.

10th Barrichello, who proably complained that he wasn’t given as much help as button and threw a big tantrum about it later.

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