Saturday, 25 July 2009

Hungarian Qualifying

Have Brawn lost that winning way ?

This is supposed to be the track that Brawn bounced back and showed the rest of the grid how it was done. Yet here we are with Button struggerling to trouble the sharp end of the grid, whilst Barrichello fails to make it through to Q3. 6 months ago we all though the Brawns where going to walk it like Schumacher used to do in the glory years. Championship won by the British GP. But then it all started to go wrong at Turkey, with Redbull running faster all weekend, only Vettel cocking up 1 corner all wekend saving Button. We tought that was just a blip, before the onward march to glory. But then the Brit and German GP confirmed that the championship favourite

It looks like something broke on the back of Barrichellos car. Which then hit Massa before he attempted to crash test the armco. Watching in car footage afterwards made for uncomfortable viewing as memories of Senna at Imola came flooding back. A cut to the forehead, concussion and dammage to his skull makes him a lucky boy. 10 years ago he might not have been so lucky.

So Alonso picks up the pole, he's frighteningly light on the old fuel, so it'll be interesting to see if he can turn this into a win. But pole in this place is almost as good as a win. Vettel and Webber make it up to 2nd and 3rd in the end, Vettel with more fuel than Webber too. Hamilton with his KERS in 4th has got to be worth a punt for a podium, a win with a fair wind and bit of the old Hamilton Luck. He's got less fuel than the Redbulls, but thet just means he's going to be faster off the line. Let's hope Webber isn't so aggressive as he was in Germany.

Rosberg next to Hamilton followed by Kovelinem and Kimi means Button in 8th is going to have his work cut out to make something good happen here. Right now the Redbulls are the team with their hands on the silverware. Button has a lot of fuel, maybe two stopping in a attempt to leap frog the Redbulls.

It's going to be another tactical race.

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