Monday, 27 July 2009

The future

As I predicted then, the Mclarens and Ferraris are going to be taking points away from Redbull and Brawn. Brawn however have more worries than the woking boys getting in the way. It looks like they have a real problem with the development of that car which is now eating its tires and yet stilll not getting them up to any sort of working temperature. Couple that with a potential issue with a suspect rear suspension unit and there is going to be a lot of head scratching going on there. Remember too that the F1 world will close down for 2 weeks now. The factories have to be closed so the personel can go and have a holiday. Mandated by the FIA that, so they have to close stuff down. So two weeks closed down then one week to get it all up and running again, and then it's off to Valensia followed by Spa the weekend after Spain. With no testing at any point and you have to wonder if they can solve any of their problems before the Italian GP.

A resergent Mclaren and Ferrari, a fast Redbull and Williams punching above its weight means any predictins for the top 10 wil rely on ;uck more than form and judgement.

It's all rather exciting isn't it :D

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