Sunday, 19 February 2012

Round one .. the usual suspect up front.

You would not believe what i'd written before the stupid browser crashed before i had a chance to save the draft version.

Still Test one down, Lotus are the winners and Redbull are sandbagging on the straights.

The word on the streets is that Vettel and co are so far ahead it's not even funny.

Evil lotus did alright, Williams must be running on fumes Torro Rosso and Force India might well have a fast car under them.

Ferrari have a hat full of problems yet again. Mclaren have designed something entirely different to everyone else who all copies Newey anyway.

Mercedes and HRT are yet to turn up with new cars.

Round two on tuesday.

Has it really only been three months since the last one ended ?

Well the cars are pretty much ready, the boys have been out at Jerez to claim some bragging rights and kick the PR machine into gear.

So the first round of the winter championship was won by Redbull as usual. Whilst Ferrari and Mclaren looked like they might have some work to do..

Meanwhile Kimi in the evil black Lotus made a lot of promising noises, none of which could be considered a full and frank interview, but there's still time for all of that.

Williams confirmed they most certainly did go for the two drivers with the best chance of keeping the team afloat this year.

Whilst good Lotus (now Caterham) are there or there about's yet again. But they are super, super up for this year, yes sire bob and Trulli is really 'appy to have a car with working power steering. Now all he needs is the stanner stairlift to get him in and out of the car and he's ready to win the championship.

Mercedes turned up with last years car by mistake and drove faster than everyone else to, "test zee tires yar" and how much better they would have been if no one else had had a blown diffuser. Rumors they were taking pictures of the Redbull, just to compare it to their new car, are completely untrue you understand.

Other than that .. well HRT also turned up with last years car and were just as hopeless.

The Force india looked alright in the hands of Di Resta,