Thursday, 29 October 2009

Trulli still isn't happy

Trulli still isn't happy

FIA press briefing, Trulli and Sutil "discus" what happen in Brazil

Q: (Ian Parkes – The Press Association) Question to Jarno and Adrian: I’m just wondering if
you two guys have settled your differences after your exchange of words following your
first lap accident in Brazil?
Page 4 of 5
JT: I think we’re going to discuss it probably tomorrow in the drivers’ briefing and in the GPDA
briefing. Obviously it was very disappointing to end the race like that, especially on the first lap.
Obviously I think I had every reason to be extremely furious. I’ve got all the evidence to show that I
was there, I was next to him, so I think tomorrow we are going to discuss it.
AS: I think there’s nothing to discuss. It was a quite obvious incident. In the end it was very
disappointing for myself, even more, I think, because I was the one who was just driving and he
lost control of his car and crashed in my back, so it was not my problem, it was his problem. I don’t
know why he’s freaking out like that, to be honest.
JT: (Laughing) If you want, I can show you some pictures. I don’t know if you’re blind but they
clearly show you that my front wing is next to your front wing, so…
AS: Yeah, but you’re trying to overtake me on the outside on the kerbing. There was not a
JT: So you mean… you didn’t move there…
AS: No, you were just not going off the power. The same happened in Barcelona where you lost
control again and crashed again into a Force India car. You just have to sometimes also…
JT: I just lost…
AS: ...expect the limits of the car. If there’s no way to go, you have to back off, that’s how racing is,
and I don’t know how long you want to learn it.
JT: In Barcelona I spun and he hit me because he tapped the kerb, he completely cut the circuit
and he didn’t slow down, so basically… Anyway, I think it’s better…
FA: (to KR) Shall we go?
AS: No, no. Watch the race in Barcelona. I didn’t hit you, you hit me. I don’t know what’s the
problem, but maybe your eyes are a problem.
JT: I don’t have any feeling about him.
AS: I don’t understand, really, sorry.
Q: (Alan Baldwin – Reuters) I was actually going to ask a similar question, but maybe the
two of you can agree on what you said after the incident in Brazil, because obviously Jarno
was seen to be gesticulating and saying quite a few things. Could you just tell us what was
said at the time?
JT: I was furious because I said ‘didn’t you see me?’ I mean, I was next to him and he kept
pushing me going outside until I was obviously on the kerbs. I couldn’t believe…
AS: …the kerbs, not a problem to be on the kerb, I think. Where’s the problem?
JT: Ok, no problem, it’s OK. As long as we know the rules.
AS: I know the rules.
JT: Fantastic.

Bernie stabs the BRDC in the heart

Bernie has just confirmed that Donington isn't goin gto happen.

I hope Simon Gillett is happy tonight. Not only has he failed, and quite spectacularly. But he's given Bernie eactly what he wanted, a way out of the British GP that isn't going to cost him a penny. in fact he'll now sue Gillett for breach of contract no doubt. He's now free to go and get some ratty tilk hole put on the callender with more enmpty stands and dull as fuck racing.

Can you see him giving in to the BRDCs demand for a 17year deal ? no me neither, he'll offer 5 years, which isn't enough time to raise the money and redevelope silverstone. So he'll claim it isn't up to scratch and take circus off to some desert in the middle of umbungodingo land with 4 spectators and tent after tent of fat suited banker fucks watching football on widecreen TVs whilst they complain about the noise those damn cars are making.

Once more the paying public who actually make this sport tick over, get told to fuck off and just watch it on TV. which bernie will be charging a gazillion Euros for as more people watch as less see it live.

The Odious little money grabbing senial old dwarf

Bernie looking for more cash earlier.

RIP the British GP

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Well the bunting has been taken down and the champagne glasses have been tidied up. The Dark Lord has been packed off to his Ivory town with his cheap Chelsea scrubbers to keep him company. Mr Todt, the new president of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile is easing his backside into the FIA SEAT OF POWER. The book of Vengeance has been opened and he’s deciding whether to ban McLaren or have Ari Vatanen boiled in oil first

Meanwhile, before the teams can start selling off their 2009 kit on eBay, they have one more race.

It’s Abu Dhabi and the Yas Marine Complex. Which I think is another Tilk effort around the docks in downtown Abu Dhabi City Yas Island. So it’s another sandy circuit with no history and no atmosphere. Probably.

The circuit is brand spanking new, and looks like Valencia and Singapore rolled into one. Lots of stupid noodley corners and long straights, there are a number of highlights with this place though;
Firstly it’s going to be run as the sun goes down. So it’ll start off in a golden sunset and finish in a floodlight night, which could present the drivers with a few problems.
Next, the pit exit. The pits are normal everyday pits, but once they exit the pit lane the road drops down through a tunnel under the main grandstand, and joins the circuit just after turn 1. Now, the tunnel exit is not part of the pit lane, so it’s run at full racing speed. There are no cranes in this tunnel so if someone (let’s say Nakajima or Buemi) get’s it all wrong on cold tires on a dusty road. They’re going to hit the wall hard and stop dead. Apparently there’s a set of doors for the marshals to clear said wreck, but how long is that going to take? I think the pit lane tunnel will play a part in this race.
Lastly, the circuit features the longest straight in F1 today, after a tight hairpin which is going to be just ripe for the KERS cars, short hand for Hamilton, to go bombing past everyone else. Maybe.

So it’s a tight and twisty with lots of heavy breaking, then a full on warp speed straight before a bit more tight twisty stuff.

It’s generally accepted that Redbull have had the fastest and best car of the season, it’s just been Vettel making too many mistakes and Webber either hitting someone or being unlucky as ever. So they are going to want to go out and prove they are the best.
Whilst Brawn have had the reliability from the off and two drivers that are as safes as houses. Okay, Barrichello got a bit feisty at times and had problems getting off the line and driving fast when it mattered. But he can go fast round a street circuit. (Valencia for instance). Whilst Button is no longer chasing the main prize and wants to prove that he is a worthy world champion. Both will want to finish well here.
Down the pit lane and McLaren have turned around a rubbish season and could do with a win to keep the momentum going. Hamilton is talking up his chances here, mainly because he believes the KERS unit is going to give him the edge. He was super fast in Singapore and I can’t see a reason why he won’t be fast here. With Kovalainen off to pastures new at the end of the year, he needs a good result to keep his stock high. McLaren also want to beat.
Ferrari, who have had a season to forget, but still want to come 3rd in the constructor’s championship, they want to beat McLaren and Kimi wants to leave Ferrari on a high. He still hasn’t done a deal with anyone yet, but the rumours are he’s asking way too much for his services, especially after the last two seasons.

So Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, Button Barrichello and Kimi are all contenders here. Each has something to prove and each wants to build the momentum for next year. Barrichello and Kimi are off to new teams and the rest have to demonstrate why they should be No.1 team mate.

New circuits also give the new boys a chance to show up. It’s a level playing field as no one has driven on the circuit before, there’s no team data to help set the car up. So a midfield chap could hit the sweat spot and have a weekend to remember. Old hands like Alonso and Barrichello can tune cars in to circuits with their eyes closed. Could Renault put the season from hell behind them?

At the time of writing, Toyota is still uming and arriing about Glock being given his seat back. It’s all rather messy over there at the moment. Trulli, having got slapped with the FIA “random act of vengeance hammer” for shouting at Sutil on live TV in Brazil, is being told by the Boss of Toyota Cars that he’s fantastic and will be staying forever. Whilst the team boss is telling him to sling his hook. No one seems to know if they’re going to be racing next year anyway. Stay tuned for more news.

I’ve also been asked to relay a message: This Sunday is the London to Brighton classic car run, with all the cars lined up on Regent streets on Saturday the 31st. if you like old duffers in tweed jackets and silly hats, fiddling around with bits of copper piping and magnetos and snaffle flange pins, then Brighton is the place to be (on Sunday)

Friday, 23 October 2009

and the winner is ....

Mr Todt.

To be expected i guess. Let's see how smug Max and co are on tonights News shall we.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Let's get ready to Rummmmmmblllleeee

Get ready everyone.

This Friday sees the heavy weight title fight of the centuary.

In the Red corner, standing a little under 4 foot tall, the french connection, the man that single handedly turned Ferrari from a laughing stock to world champion winners. It's FIA presidential candidate Jean "The Toad" Todt. The hot favourit is bank rolled by the might of the FIA itself, Mad Max Mosley and Bernie "that'll be £150million to you Guv'ner" Ecclestone.

In the blue corner, just over 10 foot tall, the Fin with the ice blue finish, he's bright shiny and new. It's FIA presidential candidate Ari "The Iceman" Vatanen. Backed by the mighty driving nation of Jordan and the HRH Prince Feisal of Jordan.

Winner takes all, and if Mad Max is to be believed then the Loosers will be taken outside and exicuted by fireing squad.
Max has been firing off email after vitriolic note. explaining to all that will listen the Todt is the only one that can possible win and that Ari wants to turn the FIA into a bunch of Baby eating gun runners and drug pushers.
Meanwhile Ari has been telling all and sundry that Max, Todt and Bernie are in a mystical cult hell bent on raising the dark lord and marching on the unbelievers.

Mud has been slung, injuctions have been served. Flights around the world in FIA transport have been denied. All in the name of glad handing the faithfull.

So Friday is the big day, I suspect Me Todt will win because the "3rd" world members who have no racing heritage to speak off, don't really vote out their leaders. they just wait until everyone get's bored with the bloodshed and the last man standing wins. the "western" world tends to like to change eveything every few years just to keep everything fresh. There are more "3rd" world voters than "western" so the Status Quo will continue.

Whom ever you vote for, make sure it counts.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Button takes the spoils of war ... hurrah

Well that was all very exciting wasn't it.

The king is dead. Long live the king.

Through the rain and the carnage steps one Mr. Jenson Button the new 2009 Formula 1 World Champion. And all credit it to. He did it with style in the end.
After limping from result to result for the second half of the season, put him on a good balls out do or die over taking circuit and he comes good. Coming from the pretty much the back of the grid to claim a very creditable 5th spot at the end of the day.
Some people have commented that he doesn't really deserve this, that it hasn't been a commanding display like Schumacher and Senna used to produce. That because he faded as the other teams got to grips with Trick rear diffusers and KERS power, that somehow it hasn't quite been a championship he's earned. But the numbers tell the story. He took the chances presented to him and he rode the luck.
The last two tears either a Ferrari or McLaren would win. Alonso popped up now and again to remind us he still drivers. Kubica had a pop. But really it's been a Red or Silver show for a long time now. This year we've had six different drivers win races, from four different teams. The top 10 in qualifying has really been covered by more than a half a second. 10 different fastest lap drivers and eight different pole drivers. It's been really hard to put a championship together because it's been really really competitive. Button has had to work hard this year and he's done it without whining that it's unfair, that he's not had the best equipment. He hasn't had to get his team mate to crash so he could win. He's not driven into anyone or parked his car up in qualifying to protect a pole.
He's done it with style, wit and a bit smile, most of the time, on his face.

So, i think he does deserve it.

Webber, wins in all of that. He drove fast when he needed to and had a pretty dull race. Once Barrichello peeled into the pits he never really looked back. No crying on the slowing down lap. and not much celebrating on the podium as the party once again focuses off the podium at the end of the Brazilian race. There's talk Webber will walk away from F1 in support of his manager Flavio. He doesn't agree with the life time ban on Flav, and being Australian has has got all high and principled all of a sudden. It'll be a shame if he does, because he's a great driver when the luck falls his way, He'll never be a world champion i think, but he'll make a world champion work for the silverware.

Kubica. What could have been if BMW hadn't thrown a hissy fit and walked off with their ball. Still he's off to Renault next year and this will do his kudos no harm at all.

Hamilton rounds out the podium with a really great drive from the back of the grid. With some great moved, and the carnage at the start of the race he shows what an ex world champion is made of. I think it finally dawned on him standing on the podium, listening to the singing and cheering down below. That he's no longer the world champion. He looked a bit lost and very tired up there. Still he's battled hard this year and learnt a lot about how to loose.

4th for Vettel who also raced from the back of the grid. It was always going to be a tall order to win the last two races of the year, but he didn't give up trying.

5th for Button, the new world champion with a great driver after cocking up qualifying. Pulled some great over taking moved out of the top drawn and got the job done with one race to go.

6th for Kimi who was this weeks, "was he racing, i must have missed him" Got caught out in the early carnage and recovered to a nice points finish. Hamilton's podium pushes McLaren ahead of Ferrari by 1 point with 1 race to go. Kimi will be happy to get home tonight and not be waking up in hospital as a bit of human toast. It was only a flash fire, but it brought memories of past F1 fires back. After that I'm not surprised he took it easy.

7th for Buemi who doesn't hit anything for a change and reminds everyone he's still there.

8th for Barrichello and the last paying points place. Once again the Barrichello Bazillion bad luck catches the poor chap out. Whether it was Hamilton tagging his rear wheel, or a bit of Nakajimas car that caused the puncture we'll never know. But it was enough to stop him from winning the championship, probably for the last time. But he was the first person to congratulate Button as he got out of the car. He whinged a bit too much this year, but only because he wasn't fast enough when it mattered. None of us like to see the writing on the wall. But he can take a lot of the credit for the Brawn success this year. His experience behind the wheel kept them ahead of the chasing pack, and kept Jenson on his toes.

9th for Kovalainen, who was dull, tried to spice things up when he set Kimi on fire after driving off with the hose attached.

Banzi .... here comes Kobayashi in 10th. Damn the rules he's going to weave around and make overtaking an art again. Blue flags be damned. If you want to pass this chap you're going to have to work for it. Keep Button back for 14 laps, took Nakajima out and showed the likes of Grojean (side show bob) and Alabekerky how it should be done. Top stuff an di hope he gets a drive for next year .. In place of the truly great Trulli. What a performance from the dullster. He tries to over take Sutil on the grass, who himself is trying to avoid hitting Kimi who's just been tagged by Webber. Trulli tries a do or die effort out on the grass at turn 5 get's it all horrible wrong and comes spearing back across the track to T-bone Sutil, who ends up careering into the side of Alonso, who though he's missed all the fun.
Best off all Trulli then get's out of the car and actually runs up to Sutil and starts waving his finger around like he has some God given right to drive around on he grass and Sutil should just bally well get out of his way young man. Trulli all puffed up with self importance is telling Sutil that he's in the wrong as everyone else and his dog looks on wondering what happy juice they put in Trullis drinks bottle.
It was the most animated I've ever seen Trulli.

So that's that then. see you all in Abu Dhabi for a nice quite end to the season.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

It's time to party in Brazil.

Well here we are. We’ve done Asia so now it’s time to stop off in South America, break out the caipirinha and put on the factor 59, it’s going to be hot and sweaty.

Brazil and Interlagos, it’s old, it’s run down, but it throws up some fantastic races now and again. The circuit is built on a reclaimed swamp or some such. This means that the track is all lumpy and bumpy; it’s not a Tilk super flat, dull as you like, billiard ball smooth, bore-a-thon. Throw in a bit of rain, not unknown round here, and you get some random results.

Last year we saw a nail biter. Hamilton had to finish 5th or better. Much to Bernie’s ire, McLaren went for 5th rather than the win. Meanwhile Massa had to go with the win and hope McLaren dropped the ball. Rain on the grid spiced things up as Hamilton did just enough until a sudden downpour 10 laps from the end threw it all into chaos. Vettel charged passed Hamilton, demonstrating his prowess on wet tracks yet again. Massa crossed the line as world champion; Hamilton passed Glock with 2 corners to go and crossed the line 5th and world champion. England let out a sigh of relief. The Brazilian crowd went bananas, then went quite, then broke out the caipirinha and started dancing again carrying on with the party.

12 months on and it’s a Brit chasing a Brazilian yet again. Button doesn’t need to win, but he still needs 5 points to secure the title. Barrichello needs to win with Button coming as far back as possible. Vettel needs to win with both of the brawns out of the points. We still have to go racing in Abu Dhabi at the end of the month, but a lot of the teams would like to have the championship sewn up here so they can get some testing done in the warm.
Realistically, you have to go with Button can only loose this now. Barrichello has never ever gone well here. He always freaks out at the pressure. With Massa missing the whole of Brazil will dancing and drinking for him. He’ll be the only local boy racing and he will cock it up yet again. Button will be crowned king and the crowd will be disappointed all over again. Probably.

The word on the street is that Webber spent the Japanese GP testing bits for Brazil. He tested three different front wings and got the fastest lap on the final lap with the bits to be used in Brazil. So Vettel and Webber are currently the hot favourites for a 1-2 here. Engine or no engine worries they’re going to be fast here. I can see a Vettel back to back win here, he like the circuit, suits his style and if it rains as it looks like it’s going to, Vettel is the out and out clear favourite. Webber will have bad luck as usual and choke when it really matters. Or Win … I don’t know.

The smart money said McLaren wouldn’t go well in Japan, but Hamilton showed his class and got a good third. I think he’ll go well here. He has nothing to lose and would like to prove last year was about tactics not racing. Podium possibility.

Finally please note that Glock has “suddenly” found one of his vertebras got cracked when he hit the wall in Japan. It’s taken them a week and a half to spot this rather painful and career threatening injury. But there you are. So he’ll not be taking part in Brazil. He will be replaced by some Japanese chap, Kamui Kobayashi. Who got a run in Japan practice 1 and 2 where Glock at flu for 24 hours. Do you see a pattern here? Why they don’t just fire Trulli like they want to and let Kamui
Have the seat for the rest of the year. The sooner Toyota just packs up and leaves the better. Sell up to Lola or Prodrive and stop cocking around with drivers. Its sneaky underhanded and just wrong.
My respect fro Toyota reaches a new low, it really does. If they hadn’t built the TSR01 I’m not sure I’d have any respect for Toyota.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Vettal takes a good clean win.

After Qualifying, the stewards took all the names of the drivers 4th onwards, put them into a big hat, shook it for a bit then threw the names up into the air., then waved their arms around a bit then studied the innards of a recently sacrificed pigeon. After all of that they placed the names in a random order on the grid. We had more penalties here than an England football squad at the world cup. left right and centre. Not slowing down, being a rubbish driver, getting in the way, changing gearboxes and looking at the steward in a funny way. They don't do things by half in Japan.

Well done to Vettel with a fine display of car control. Whilst others (notably his team mates) attempted to crash test their cars on different bits of the circuits walls and tires. Vettel sailed through it all to keep his championship alive by the skin of it's teeth.
Button has a nightmare run and only just scrapes into the points again. He only needs to finish 4th in Brazil, but does anyone think he can ? Brawn pretty much stitch up the constructor championship, all they need is half a point and it party at the Brawn garage. Which they do deserve. They've had a fantastic reliability rate this year, with Button only having one DNF when he got punted of the track by a stupid soon to be fired Frenchman.

So Vettel takes a lights to flag win, much smiles and everyone is happy. Well done to him, He didn't feel the need to crash test his car at all, unlike Webber who tried hard to be utterly rubbish all weekend. Except he got the fastest lap out of no where with a few laps to go.

Trulli ... Second. To me there is no second place. really .. i mean it. He was lucky, and a little tiny wheeny bit faster than Hamilton. That's all. Managed to stay awake long enough to dedicate the result to Glock ... who's going to get fired in all probability at the end of the season along with Trulli. Shame for Glock, not for Trulli.

Hamilton was robbed of second. On a track that shouldn't have suited the McLaren's he want out and drove a solid race and proved why i think he's the second coming. Hunt down the rest of the result sheet to find Kovalainen. That's how good Hamilton is. If he'd had this car at the start of the championship, would we be cheering on Button now. I doubt it.

4th for Raikkonen, who spent most of the weekend walking in and out of the McLaren pits.

5th For Rosberg who doesn't get hit by the big bad BAN HAMMER OF FIA DOOM, common sense seems to have prevailed and Rosberg didn't get into trouble for racing back to the pits when the safety car came out. He's a lucky boy.

6th for Heidfeld, this weeks "was here there, i missed him entirely."

7th Barrichello, he can still win this thing, if only he can shake off his shadow. He has beat button by more points than this. He was faster than Button all weekend, but just couldn't deliver the result he needed. Considering he started in 6th ( i know, neither do i understand that) why is he here in 7th ? Rosberg didn't get that much of an advantage when he raced back to the pits. This has always been Barrichellos problem he can't turn it on like button when he needs to. Still Brazil next, let's see how he handles the pressure here then shall we.

8th and the last paying point for Button. He's going to make us sweat this one out isn't he. What is it about being English and just not beating the pants of everyone with 3 races to go ?

9th For Kubica, looking good for that Renault seat next year.

10th For Alonso, who can't wait for that Ferrari seat next year.

There you go, I think Button is going to do it still. but it's going to be squeaky bum time next time in Brazil

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Welcome back race fans.

It’s a short hop and skip and the circus has decamped from Singapore to Japan and the truly awesome Suzuka.
After 2 years at the dull as dishwater Fuji raceway, were back to one of the last great drivers circuits left on the calendar. It’s fast, technical and pushes the driver to the limit. The Driver and car have to be as one round here. When the driver throws the car into corner, the 130R for example. The car has to follow. Because if it doesn’t, the next thing it will do is hit the wall. Hard.

So. The conventional wisdom would have the Redbulls 1 and 2 here. But I think they’re too fragile to race too hard for a win. So that would mean Brawn up front then ? maybe. But Button only really needs to come 4th or better to keep things ticking along. In fact if Barrichello doesn’t finish this race, all Button needs is 6 points and the race for the chase for the cup for the thing, is all his along with fine country houses, slick car and as many girls as his tongue can handle. …. Well you get my drift. He doesn’t need to go out and race to win. As long as Rubins isn’t getting more than 6 points, Button will cruise round.
McLaren should be up there, but they didn’t look too hot in Spa and Britain, circuits similar to Suzuka. They’ve had a lot of updates since then and would really like to beat Ferrari in the constructor’s championship. Ferrari meanwhile have stopped developing this year car and really suffered in Singapore. Japan should suit them more. But how committed will Kimi be now he’s off to McLaren. I think he’s still a racer at heart, but …….

I expect the Force India’s to be back in the hunt. Singapore was a bit of a wake up call after Spa and Monza’s good results. Suzuka should be more to their liking. If Toyota has a bad weekend, the Force India will be up there. Toyota is on home soil, kind off. So I imagine they’d like to remind Japan that they are still racing. But having lost an awesome amount of money in the recent economic downturn, they’re uming and aring about even taking part next year. Despite coming second last week, they don’t look like they want to be there at all right now.

Williams and Nakajime would like to have a good showing. He will as long as everyone else crashes. Rosberg should be a good top 10 here. It’s a full on drivers circuit this place, rewarding drivers like Rosberg.

Alonso, now having that Ferrari contract signed seal and delivered in his back pocket for next year, has no pressure to get results for Renault. But professional pride with have him haul that car into the top ten.

So I think it’s a tough call this one.