Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New year same, old bollocks

Here we go then, 5 days till testing starts and my first prediction of the year.

USF'off and Campos will not make the grid in Barhain.

USF'off will have a team there but no cars, their toast will be excellent though.

Campos won't make it out of Spain, due to still being at the airport haggerling over the taxi fair from the factory. After Kevin goes back to his mums and hunts around for some loose change, Campos will arrive on the following Tuesday afternoon.

Virgin will be there, but will be dog slow until they get their factory and team all in one place.

BMW sauber will be at the back of the grid but better than expected. Krazy Koby might not hit anyone.

Unfortunaly i think Lotus are going to be the best of the new boys come Bahrain. It looks like Gasgoyne has cherry picked the best of toyota and a few other teams downsized workforce. So he's up and running with something. He still has Trulli though i pray each night that a God will interveen and save the name of Lotus from being dragged through the mud.

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