Friday, 5 June 2009

The Turkish round ... who will win this time.


It’ll be a Brawn or a Redbull or possibly even a Ferrari.

It defiantly won’t be a McLaren or a BMW or a Toyota.

This place is all about getting round the mighty turn 8. With 4 apex elements, about 5 lines through the corner, off camber an exit that drops down hill. It sorts the men … from the boys. You have to be confident the car is going to turn in when you want it to, not to run wide at any point and not start over steering on the turn in. Planted and solid, it’s what you need. Because if you can’t carry the speed through turn 8 you’ll be 20mph down on the long straight that follows and you’ll never get close to the Brawns. A big set of cahoners helps significantly along with bags of mechanical down force and slippery aero for the long straight.

So Button is on a roll and looking like the run away champion right now. But wait, what light breaks from yonder garage, if it isn’t our favourite Fin, the ever ready wit of Kimi “I’ll have a minty Cornetto please” Raikkonen. He’s got to deliver here or it’s good bye adios and close the fridge door on the way out lad. Since winning the title he’s been nothing but rubbish. Lots of fastest laps, but now’t else. And fastest laps don’t make for world championships. The talk is of him being replaced sooner rather than later, maybe a Glock or Rosberg in a Ferrari dawn raid and the Fin is finding a new job Monday morning. Considering he’s the best paid driver in F1 today he’s not really earning the money is he. So after a good showing at Monaco, a circuit he dislikes, we’re back to the nice fast circuits and a chance to shine. BUT Massa loves this place, really really loves the Turkish air and a Tilke circuit. He got his world championship back on track and starting to roll here last year and made a name for himself the year before. So if Kimi falls asleep YET again, Massa would be the next up to challenge Button, and in fact it would surprise me to see him with the big cup come Sunday afternoon.

We’ll forget about Barrichello, because he’s had his chance and he blow it. He’s not going to get signed on for next years program so he’s racing for pride now. Buttons tail gunner, nothing more.

Vettel and Webber should have the nuts for the job here, if nothing else to disprove the observation that they can only win on a wet track. Christian Horner the team boss is talking his boys up here. With some more aero updates and the new trick Adrian Newey diffuser these boys are gunning for the fight. But can they do it. Well if the Ferraris boys get ahead of the Redbulls and disrupt the air flow over the front wings the Redbulls will fail. Get ahead and they have a damn good chance. In a straight line they can have the Brawn, just as long as the road is wide enough for two cars anyway.

As to the others, well Toyota hasn’t bothered to try and make their car go any faster. Trulli get’s a nose bleed is it does 2 fastest laps back to back. So Mr Boring is quite happy thank you very much, never underestimate the quite man of racing. Just poke him now and again to make sure he’s not actually asleep. Glock had a pretty good time of it in Monaco. He took a rubbish car and made the top ten. That’s loads better than Trulli.

Williams having been kicked out of FOTA for crawling back to the FIA are being ignored by the rest of the teams and being told to go and eat in the lower 3rd form common room with the other oiks. They don’t have the money to develop the car and Ferrari are whispering sweat nothings in Rosbergs ear. Nakajima continues to up hold the honour of all Japanese F1 drivers by crashing at every attempt.

Renault, other than wondering why Piquet is still given seat time over Bruno Senna, have the Renaults actually turned up at ay events this year. I can’t remember seeing them once. Other than to see Piquet crashing obviously. Calling Alonso to the track, Is there a Mr Alonso in the building ?

McLaren, give it up lads and go and build next years car. Sucking up to the FIA isn’t helping as much as it helped Ferrari ! Hamilton is still the most exciting driver out there for me, but he’s not going to be winning anything in that thing. The boats sailed, the fat lass has done her bit and tradesman’s ally is being closed down for the weekend. Goodnight Vienna

Kovaliniumneum Is going to get the boot at the end of the year.

BMW .. still pathetic. They’re going to pull the plug on the team any day now.

Torro Rosso and Force India continue to say “it’s still early in the season”.

There you go, pick the bones out of that one.

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