Friday, 19 June 2009


Roll up roll up, watch the combined might of the worlds car manufactures, take on the worlds largest sporting governing body slug it out for the right to say "We're running Formula 1"

What a bunch or arse this all is. A bunch of over grown children running around and shouting the odds at each other. Over what seems to be to be the sum total of fuck all. The right o make the rules and spend just a whole shit load of cash.

Who in all of this rubbish is talking about the fans. The fact it's cheaper to go to Monza that get a weekend ticket for the British GP, that's including a grandstand ticket. Says it all to me. The teams complain they can't run a team on anything less than £100 million. Who gets to pay for that, we do. It's the fans who are going to have to pay for all of this and it's the fans who get the rawest deal. Not for the likes of us the chance to meet our hero's and ask them how it feels to drive at 190mph into the right hander at Copse. No, We're kept well away in case we touch them.

The FIA claim they want to give the fans something to watch, a show if you will. The Teams say they want to put on a show. But each team wants to win the championship, and if they can do it with 8 races to go, so much the better. The FIA just want punters to stamp up the cash so they can pay off the bankers who bough the rights to F1 5 years ago.


  1. Whilst I agree that this is all a bunch of arse, I don't agree that the punter is the one paying for 100 million quid team budgets. That, I think, is the sponsors.

    Blame the ridiculous prices on w*nkers like Ecclestone who demands that circuits stump up millions of pounds just to host a race, all of which then goes in his (ok, and the teams') pockets, meaning that the circuit has to raise ticket prices to cover it its costs. This stupid practice means cash rich govts can subsidise a race, get to look nice shaking hands with Bernie as the tv cameras sweep past empty stands (yes, China, I'm talking about you!).

    Get rid of Max, get rid of Bernie, bring in an independent body of control that isn't beholden to the teams/circuits/sponsors and maybe we might have credible championship.

    Oh, and bring back Group C endurance cars while you're at it

  2. But becuase Bernie sold the rights to the germans banks for a gazillion euros, he now has to make the money back through the circuits and back handers. You can't just get rid of the FIA gravey train, it owes too much money.

  3. What, you think Bernie is going to be out of pocket on this? You think *he* has to make money to pay someone off?

    I think that when it all comes crashing down, as it hopefully will, then I fully expect Bernie and Max to walk away, shrugging their shoulders, giving it a bit of "who me?" or even "I told you so..." when then the primary responsibility will be on their shoulders but will undoubtedly fall far, far away from them or their bank accounts.