Sunday, 7 June 2009

So there we go. Is there anyone out there who can stop Button? Anyone at all that can make a fist of this championship.

Oh I’m fine with the fact that it is Button and not say Barrichello or Webber. Who have never really shown they can turn it on with a win when it counts; they choke or have bad luck. Trulli you all know how I feel about him, He’s no Hamilton.
Button has always been a smooth consistent driver, in the mould of Hill or Prost. But he can turn it on when he needs to. The pass on Hamilton in Bahrain for example, and this week where Vettel has a car that on paper should be able to walk away from the Brawn. Vettel whose gone light on fuel to get thee grid position, clean air is what the Redbull needs to be faster than the Brawn. But then as Button follows him through turn 8, down the hill to turns 9 and 10, on cold tires and Vettel goes 1 foot wide to the right, get’s flicked out of the corner into 10 and is on the grass and fighting to keep the nose pointing in vaguely the right direction. Next thing he sees is Button sailing past him and off into the lead.

That’s it really.

Vettel tries to catch up, does a bit. Then spends 10 laps sitting 10 foot behind the back of the Brawn, watching the best rear diffuser in the business. Oh and a very smooth driver who soaks up the pressure and doesn’t give the young German an inch.

I don’t think Button is ever going to excite the goose bumps and tingle the spine. We’re never going to watch him hang it all out on the edge where the angels and Senna used to walk. No, but we can enjoy watching a driver who is really dialled into his car, knows what it’s going to do and trusts that when he wants to turn in, the car is going to allow him

Unlike Hamilton, who looks like he’s been given his first escort Mk5 and had “Drifting” explained to him for the first time? That looks like one nasty car to drive. Massive under steer, Power over steer, it’s heavy, slow and gripless. Last year he was fighting the Ferrari for the win. This year he’s fighting to keep ahead of the Force Indies’ and the Torro Rosso’s’. Odd really isn’t, McLaren are where the Brawns (Hondas) have been for the last three year. A sobering thought for Mr Hamilton and if I was Mr Hamilton Snr, I’d be looking at the Brawns and wondering when Barrichello will announce his retirement.

So it’s a Button win and well done to him, he took the chance when it presented itself and didn’t look he was going to give it up when challenged.

2nd Webber does nothing spectacular and profits from Vettel cocking it up

3rd speaking of which he did all he could with a light car for Pole and then blew it being a foot to far right. Vettel doesn’t look quite so shiny all of a sudden. He couldn’t hold it all together at the start and couldn’t force Button into an error when trying to chase the dream down. Defiantly a race lost here.

4th Trulli, Yawn.

5th Rosberg keeps hopes of a move to McLaren or Toyota alive with a good fiery drive. I don’t think he’s his old man, But he’s fast when he needs to be.

6th Massa. Oh how the mighty have fallen. He’s made this track his over the last 3 years. Poles and wins all over the place. Now he’s struggerling to make the points. No where near the Brawns, Toyotas or Redbulls. But Ferrari and at least feel like they’re going forward at last. Oh and much better than Raikkonen too.

7th Kubica. Bugger me, the BMWs bring a car that isn’t utter rubbish for a change. Kubica whinges into the points and reminds the rest of the paddock that he used to be considered something special.

8th and last of the paying points for Glock. Who did alright but wasn’t better than Trulli.

9th Rikkonen, is already looking at setting up a little Ice-cream shop in Helsingfor. He’s an ex world champion and the highest paid driver in Formula 1 you know!

10th Alonso. We’ll he’s doing a better job than Piquet I suppose.


  1. Jensen Button, the new Alain Prost?

    Still, atleast Button has a fit missus...

  2. It's more that he's smooth and a touch boring. It's nice that he's winning, but he could be a bit more entertaining about it

  3. He doesn't need to be entertaining as he's so far out in front. Crushing dominance is unfortunately crushingly dull.