Friday, 12 June 2009

F1 2010 teams announced

the Yanks.

Manor who .....

[quote]Wirth, who is the Technical Director of Manor Grand Prix Racing, started his career as an Aerodynamicist for the March F1 racing team. He was responsible for aerodynamic concepts as well as scheming and design of wind tunnel model components for the 1988 and 1989 Leyton House March F1 cars.[/quote]

There you go, that'll be why Manour get the nod over Prodrive and Lola, both very established teams in events NOT run by the FIA .hmmmmmm

The FIA have gone for established FIA feeder series teamsn so Formula Renault, GP2, Euro Formula etc. WEhich i suppose is what MAx wants, drivers feed through these series, why not teams. I just feel that Prodrive and Lola have more than enough of a track level at the veryt top of the series they're in. ALMS, Le Mans Seires, WRC, etc etc, I think this was very much a Jobs for the boys effort.

Obviously the American Eagle racing Yee haaa F1 Gp y'all team is there for the American money i know. But as i understand it, most of the top brass are connected with the FIA and the world of F1 already.

Cosworth as the custmore engine of choice ... even though it's a 5 year old design and not actually been produced as yet.

Well there we go, it'll rumble on for a week or 2, Campos will be the first to fold then the Yanks and then Manor.

Let's wait and see shall we

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