Sunday, 7 June 2009

So Vettel makes the front row. But only just really.

When he got out of the car he didn't look like he'd nailed that with a heavy car by the skin of his teeth did he. Considering he's 5Kg lighter than the Brawns behind him, you can understand why. So I guess Button has to be the favourite.

But winning is always easy to talk about isn't it. Let's have a look further down the grid shall we.

Trulli, the most boring man in Formula 1 today is running pretty heavy back in 5th spot. So he'll be running really really slowly for a very very long time. Dear Lord don't let him win. Toyota will cock it up, i have no doubt. But sometimes the stars aline and the gods of boring drivers smile on the dull and they win! Let's hope Toyota stay true to form and screw it up.

Further back in 10th and 11th the BMW's are running super heavy. Now that might just be because they are the heaviest Formula 1 car ever built, or they are looking to one stop the race. Who knows they might make it to the top ten with a fair wind and a touch of luck.

Someone who will require the Gods of luck to go off on a truly stupendous bender and got so amazingly drunk that they give the term "lucky git" a whole new world of meaning. Is Mr Hamilton. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Now i still think he's the best balls out driver there but McLaren have given one truly awful dog of a car. Or rather, it was a bit of a rubbish car, but it's turned week after week in to a majestic failure of a car. Watching Hamilton try and qualify for Q2 as he fought the bollocks off the thing was painful. Really really painful. Now he's talking about it being too late to turn this thing around, time to quite developing and "do a Brawn", as it's now called.

Okay. Charlie is now hungry and i have to go into town to get Bacon sarnies. More later


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