Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Back to Blighty chaps - the British GP

So we return once again to the home of Motor sport. Oh the Italians will tell you that the home is Monza in Italy, the Americans tell you it's the Oval at Indy. Even the French have a pop with Le Mans and the 25 hour race. But the true heart and soul, where the hard work and the true engineering passion resides, is in the heart of England. If Formula 1's heart is painted Ferrari red, then that heart is pumping English four star. Most of the teams have factories here, most of the teams have British engineers and staff working for them. The British make Formula 1 what it is, we just let the rest believe they're running the show.

This year will see the last race at Silverstone, having had the GP stolen from them in a dawn raid by Donington. In much the same way silverstone took the GP off Brands hatch all those years ago. The FIA having run out of patience with the BRDC and the pink gin brigade. I for one won't miss Silverstone, It's a dump, with ratty stands and far too many empty "hospitality" seat that i never ever got a chance to sit in, Mr Moore.
It is cold and windy, there are too few toilets and the paying public are herded around like unwanted cattle. It is soo class riddled that only the right handshake can get you into the interesting areas. Which are then mostly full of invited guest who don't even know where the engine is.

However, out on the muddy banks sit the huddled masses who will put up with almost anything. Back to the true heart of motorsport sit the fans. I've been on the banking when Mansell beat Piquet in the greatest race ever. Seen Hill and Coultard take emotional victories, surrounded by people who know the difference between a titanium skid plate and the second course dinner plate. Those who knew that Schumacher shouldn't have over taken the Williams of Hill on the warm up lap. That although Schumacher and Senna weren't "one of ours" they were the best we'd ever see.
They also know that if the FIA could get away with it there's be no muddy punters standing on the banking, we don't bring enough money in, not like the suited idiots complaining that their Gaspatio soap is cold. The ones that don't bother with the GP2 race but wonder where "that damned Raikerman and Bluttern have got too !".

So it'll be Donington next year and Silverstone will try and have a race to remember.

You have to look at the year so far and figure Button is the favourite. Redbull Look like the only challengers left, with Webber taking more points than Vettel so far the Ozzy is looking like a challenger at last. Where Vettel will be win or bust, Webber is taking the slowly slowly approach, either could beat Button.

Toyota didn't recover from the wrong tire choice in Bahrain. Trulli says they got their act back together in Turkey, i think they profited from Barrichello cocking up and Ferrari not gettgin their tires to work. Toyota just look like their filling the vacum until Mclaren, Ferrari, Renault and BMW get their act together. Saying that Trulli does tend to do well here and Glock could show he's made of the right stuff here.

Williams have lost touch as usual.

Ferrari have upped their game and look like contenders again. But a wet Silverstone is not to Massa's liking, whilst Kimi is still looking bored.

Barrichello is saying he's going to spoil the party. If he gets left on the line again he'll spoil lots of peoples afternoon ;)

Renault are apparently about to jack it all in and sell up to Flav, Piquet would get fired ASAP and Alonso would be put on HUGE retainer. It worked for Brawn, maybe it'll work for Flav. Meanwhile silvertone has got to be Piquets last race whatever happens. I think only a win can save his sorry ass now.

BMW are starting to turn things around, they were ahead of the Mclarens last time out, i can't see a reason for that to change anytime soon.

Mclaren, will be trying to beat the Torro Rosso and Force India this weekend. Hamilton will need a shed load of luck to trouble the top ten. Last year he was stunning in the wet and dry conditions, this year even rain can't help him.

Mansell always said the Home crowd was worth two seconds a lap, there were some years he needed all of that. Button and Hamilton will need it, for very different reasons.

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