Monday, 7 September 2009

Monza, Red to the Core..

It’s almost time to leave Europe, It’s been a tough middle of the season for some of the teams, some up, some down.
Brawn have gone from easy winners to wobbly also ran’s.
Redbull have gone from strength to strength but are spending too much time with French mechanics crawling all over the back of their cars.
McLaren have turned a dog into a thorough bred race winner. Whilst Ferrari have lost 1 driver, fired another and pinched a third from the back of the grid.

Monza, it’s ALL about speed here. Back in the day, Enzo always built the rest of the car around the engine. He wanted a car that could go fast, not because it was slippery like a missile flying though the afternoon heat. No it was fast because it had a MASSIVE engine in the back. To drive a Ferrari fast you had to have arms like tree trunks and balls the size grapefruits. The cars were fast in a straight line and they won at Monza. Enzos scarlet cars would power round the autodrome de Monza and beat the rest of the world in front of the most passionate, most knowledgeable pack of fans anywhere in the world. There are no more devote and fanatical bunch of petrol head anywhere. And they are there to cheer on just one team. The Tifosi want one thing and this year they want something very special.
Fisichella got pole in Spa and then came second to Kimi. The next thing, Monty is knocking on the teams’ trailer, flashing wads of Euros at Vijay Mallya before walking off with his number one driver. So Fisi, an Italian remember, will be driving for Ferrari, an Italian team, at Monza, an Italian Race. In front of a very partisan Italian crowd…… He’d better win, or there could be a riot.

Can he win or will Kimi spoil the party?

What are Brawn and Redbull going to do? Redbull have a very few engines left. Brawn has one driver with nothing to loose and one with everything to loose.

McLaren have a fast can in a straight line and big grunty engine. Hamilton could be a contender here. KERS could be the deciding factor here. With a nice big boost out of the parabolic and across the line they could be set for pole and the fastest lap.

Renault have a charge of “bringing the sport into disrepute” for cheating outrageously in Singapore last year, hanging over their collective heads. Whilst the Redbull lads are gathering round the back of the Renault pits to ask some searching questions. Don’t expect too much from the garlic eaters.

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