Sunday, 27 September 2009

Well that was pretty dull wasn't it ?

Qualifying was aceness. F1 cars belting around downtown Singapore, sparks showering the track as the cars rode the bumpy street circuit. The World champion in waiting having an awful time of it, failing to get to Quli 3. Barrichello, chasing the leader, tries too hard and sticks it in the wall leaving Hamilton with a tank full of fuel and a pole for his troubles.

It was great. Everything that is good about F1 was there in the Qualifying, drivers really trying hard, balls out, inch perfect driving. But it also showed the bad bits of F1, the fact that all the drivers knew they had to be up front because there was precious little over taking to be had on this tight and twisty street course. Once they left the line on Sunday they needed a bit of luck or an idiot up front to move up through the pack.
So thank you Rosberg (crossing the white line out of the pits) and Vettel (speeding in the pit lane ... if that's possible these days). For being idiots for the other drivers. Okay so they robbed us of any interest during the race, once those two had cocked it up there was no one to challenge Hamilton on his cruise to the line.

Webber blew any chance of a tilt at the title, with another DNF. His break exploded and pitched him into the wall. After he's been nailed by the "FIA Random act of rules interpretation" ™ this week. He over took Alonso early on, got squeezed and had to cross over the curb to avoid an accident. Remember Hamilton at Spa last year ? well the same thing here, But wait ... Alonso also crossed the curb with Webber, So they were both over the line. Yes Webber was pretty much, but not quite past Alonso and by avoiding an accident he made the pass stick. Meanwhile Glock got passed Alonso. Webber sails off into the distance until his radio pipes up, "FIA don't like that, better give the place back mate, oh and Let Glock passed too, he's ahead of Alonso now!"
Personally i think once both cars cross the line then no advantage is gained by the other so it should stand. But the FIA disagree and that was the end of that.

Meanwhile Hamilton whizzed on to the Chequred flag, champagne and a big snog from his Pussycat girlfriend, who appears to be still his girlfriend. I should stick to being a petrolhead and leave Celeb gossip to the red tops.

Glock get's second as Vettel and Rosberg cock things up.

Alonso (Teflonso as Brundle called him) keeps his head down and claims that the win last year was all his doing and he didn't need no stupid Brazilin to crash for him Ole.

Vettel saves a dropped bollock and collects 4th place. it should have been more, it's almost the end of his tilt at the title now.

5th for Button, points saved and much smiling all round (except in the garage next door). A break disc about to explode but not, shows yet again, that it's not about being the best, it's luck that wins championship. not speed and guts. You have to be the luckiest SOB out there.

As proved by Barrichello in 6th who isn't lucky and will probably throw a hissy fit over his team not letting him beat Button.

7th For Kovalainen, son to be making way for Kimi all of a sudden. Not the making way bit, he was fired back in Hungary. But who would have though Kimi was going to return to the boys from Woking. Not me, that's for certain. Will he gel with Hamilton ....... not a chance. Shades of Hamilton v Alonso i suspect.

8th Kubica, remember him, yes, he's still racing apparently.

9th Nakajima, doesn't hit anything for a change and get a top ten finish.

Finally 10th for Raikkonen. Yupe that Ferrari is still a rubbish car, Fisi in 13th and looking utterly lost proved that. Still what does he care now, he's back to Woking, the ice cream isn't as good, But the Lap dancers are cheaper .. so I've heard.!!

It's the Japanese GP next weekend, back to proper circuit with scary corners and nice fast straights. Can Hamilton make it a back to back win. Who knows.

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