Monday, 14 September 2009

Lewis watch out for the barrier .. oh you found it !!

Lewis, Lewis, Lewis.
One does not simple nail the barrier on the last lap, when the guy in front is Captain smooth.
What was he thinking about? "pfft 3rd is for rubbish girly swots, I'm going to be 2nd or nowhere !!!!"
Still At least he was trying I suppose, rather than giving up and cruising around till the flag, like Kovalainen for instance. Who appears to have forgotten that he was actually in a race and not an afternoon drive to get some ice-cream form the local Tesco's. And I suppose Hamilton has nothing to lose does he. He's going to lose his World Number One status and he's just dumped his pussy cat girl friend. Why not stick it into the wall. Go and have a beer lad and think about how many other fish, and races there are in the sea.
So Its normality restored and a Brawn 1-2 just like old times. Except we have the Brazilian chappy ahead of the plucky English Lad. Did some one wire Barrichello testicals up tot he AC? All of a sudden he's driving like he's a number one driver or something, give the old guy a sniff of the top prize and he's like a rat up a drain pipe. There's no stopping him is there. He'll need to get 4 points per race more then Button to win the championship, but who'd bet against that right now ?
Well done to Barrichello then, after roasting the gear box last time out in Spa, he manages to keep it all together and out drives Button for the win. He chose a strategy, stuck to it and then delivered the result. Good stuff from him.
Button gets back to the podium, doing as much as he could against a better driver today. Once again his luck holds out and Webber is punted off the circuit effectively leaving the title race between him and Barrichello. Back in the day Senna and Prost almost came to team mate blows over who was going to win the silver cup. These two seem a little less highly strung. But the garage will be an interesting place come Abu Dhabi if there's only a 1 point difference. 
Kimi get's 3rd with a KERS drive. He profited from Hamilton attempting to dent his head on the barrier and kept Sutil behind him all afternoon. Given how many times he's taken out Sutil over the years, Kimi must have been expecting payback at any moment. At this rate he’s going to be keeping his seat at Ferrari next year and Alonso is going to be kicking his heals in a Campos hardy har har. Maybe Kimi needs a rubbish team mate, where he is utterly the Number One driver before he can really perform at the limit. Once Massa got his act together last year Kimi gave up and looked like he couldn’t give a toss. Now he doesn’t look like he can do any wrong.

Sutil makes 4th which considering he was 2nd on the grid has to be a disappointment. But it does show that Fisichellas result in Spa was no flash in the pan. Remember though that Spa and Monza are the lowest downforce circuits on the calendar. So I doubt that there will be any more poles and fastest laps this season. But you have to start considering a Force India in the top 10 from now on because they’re there on merit.

Alonso makes it to 5th, did he contribute anything to the race ? I missed him entirely.

Kovalainen makes it to 6th eventually. Okay so he didn’t hit the wall on the last lap when he was on the podium. But he never looked like getting anywhere near the podium at any stage of the race. Has he already got a contract some where else for next year. Or is he still trying to convince the board of directors that he has what it takes to win. Whatever the PR people say, the truth is he can’t live with Hamilton, time to move on.

Heidfeld in 7th. Dull.

Vettel in 8th kisses the championship goodbye.

Fisi make it to 9th which is better then Badoer ever did.

Finally Nakajima makes it to 10th only because Hamilton hit the wall.


  1. A birthday phone call would have been nice yesterday.

    I called you on your birthday...

  2. On sunday, i was at the LMS 1000km race, watching Aston win the championship.

  3. No, I mean on my birthday or yours? (i.e I couldn't get through to you on your birthday as you were out, or you couldn't be bothered to call me on my birthday as you were out enjoying yourself and not thinking of your little brother)

  4. I was in london on my birthday, at the science museum and the natural history museum, with charlie and the scary wife.
    on your birthday i was at silverstone, watching the LMS race ....aston .. championship etc. on my own becuase Dave fagged out yet again. Nigel Mansell was there however and i got his autograph. He was overjoyed at meeting SidewaysBob. Respect.

    So i didn't get round to calling you.