Monday, 14 September 2009

F1 Drivers today

top 5 drivers for me right now are:

1. Alonso because he put a back to back championship together against Mickey shoes who is still the benchmark. Can develop cars and build a team around him
2. Hamster, despite Monza and because of Monza. He drives like every lap is a qualifying lap and he doesn't accept it's over until he says so. Has led the team back from the brink this year.
3. Barrichello. He's ancient and has plugged away at being number 2 for years, and here he is, he's developed that car and is hunting down Button.
4. Kimi. Because he could be so great, he's still the fastest man out there.
5. Rosberg, is the best of the new guns. I think he could win a championship in a Mclaren or a Brawn.

also rans.

Vettel, i think he may be a bit fragile under pressure. He's fast, but needs to think of the bigger picture.
Massa, i don't think he's going to be as fast as he was. But his fight with Lewis last year was a changed Massa from the Sauber days when we bet on which wall he'd hit first.
Button, Has the luck that makes you champion but has been shown to be fragile under pressure. Needs kid gloves and the team behind him
Heidfeld, who has the best finishing record in modern F1. imagine if he's got the nod at Sauber for the Mclaren seat all those years ago.
Fisi, he was never going to wina champioship, but given a fair wind and a bit of luck, proved he could win a race or two

Undecided on

Sutil, I'm not convinced but he's having a good season in the slowest on the grid. He's shown he can mix it with the big boys when the dice fall his way. Does he have the Luck that you need for a championship.
Glock. Has calmly got on with it this year and worked hard with a rubbish car. I'd like to see him in a Brawn or Mclaren, then we'd see what he's got. Toyota will be the death of his carrier
Webber, i think he's just a bit too old and let's the pressure get to him. Can be good on the one lap wonder, but can't string a whole weekend together to take a title.

Utter Rubbish

Nakajima, Toyota gave him the ride and the engines to Williams.
Kubica. Whinges too much, is too tall and only won in Canada because Hamilton took everyone else out. has never looked like winning another race.
Grosjean, has a lot of hair and smiles too much
Liuzzi. Looked like signing my sons autograph book was the most tedious thing he'd ever been asked to do.
Alguersuari. has a silly name and only got the job because Seb bourdais told Torro Rosso the same thing scott speed did, that the car was crap and they were never going to achieve anything.

Should never be left in charge of a hand cart let alone an F1 car.

Trulli, he makes nice wine apparently.

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