Monday, 31 August 2009

Spa, who is that !!!!!!??!?!?!?

Spa, race of champions!

Well that was pretty weird wasn’t it?
Force India, Toyota and BMW I’m sorry, but they have rubbish cars that are there to prop up the big boys aren’t they? They’re not supposed to be there to challenge the big boys and get points and look like winning teams and stuff. No they come last and are there for comedy value .!!!!
Except in Spa it would seem, the home of big fast grunty engine motor racing, with big balls out speed and danger and true honest to God racing ... they were there and they did take it to the big boys and they proved that racing is about being brave and committed to a sport that rewards the brave.

Okay so Alberkerky and Grosjean showed us that there is still a world of difference between a world champion, a world champion elect and couple of newbies with good PR. But still, there were a lot of drivers at Spa who reminded the paddock that they still existed and knew how to race.

Obviously I don’t mean Badoer here. Who, yet again, got in everyone way and was just plain embarrassing. After the driving into the back of the Force India in the pits at Valencia after the race had finished Badoer came to Spa vowing to show the world he wasn’t an also ran but a true red blooded Italian racer in a race winning Ferrari ...... except he didn’t.
I think Badoer demonstrates just why there should be no sentimentality in F1. Yes he’s worked hard for Ferrari for 10 years, but he should stick to testing and not racing.

Meanwhile over in the Renault pits. Alonso was busy showing off to his “alleged” new employers (Ferrari) that he can drive into a Force India just as well as Kimi of Massa or Badoer. Except it was Alonso that came off worst this time with another retirement due to a wheel spinner problem. Oh well only 5 more races to go lad.
So Kimi wakes up and wins a race. Hurrah for Kimi. He gave one side of the Ferrari garage something to smile about in their worst season in a gazillion years. It’s been 1993 since Ferrari last went through a season without a win. When Alesi and Berger failed to cross the line first and save some pride. This will be well received back in Italy, mostly because it goes a long way keeping Ferrari in hunt for third place in the constructors.
Next up in 2nd of all places appears to be Fisichella in a, of all things .... A Force India. Nope, I can’t believe it either. And it wasn’t because of freak weather conditions or carnage on the first lap. No, Fisi nailed Spa from lap one in practice one. The Force Indies were all over this place like a bad rash. Either Sutil or Fisi, one or other was in the top 5 all weekend.
In the race Fisi got jacked on the restart to a KERS running Ferrari, but then the Ferrari didn’t disappear off into the distance as we all expected. No, Fisi kept Kimi honest throughout the race. Never more than 4 seconds back. No, I have no idea where they found all that speed from. It also makes Monza in a couple of week’s time an interesting prospect doesn’t it.
3rd for Vettel who keeps the dream alive for a little bit longer. With Button and co having bad weekends, Vettel stays in the hunt. Redbull look to have a bit of an issue with their Renault engines at the moment. Webber had to change his on Saturday morning and Vettel has 2 engines left for the next 5 races. So for Vettel to pick up a 3rd here with the wick turned down it is a very good result indeed. Can he sustain this and really take the fight to Button. Good question. It’s Monza next and that really tests the engine.
4th For Kubica. This will have done nothing to harm his chance of a Renault seat for next year. A good solid drive with not winging at all. Maybe the BMW boys are starting to get their act together.
5th for Heidfeld too. Proving that BMW can set up the car for fast grunty circuits at least. Expect more of the same for Monza then.
6th Kovalainen has an uninteresting run, outside the top 5, which s what they were expecting apparently. With Hamilton being punted off, this result makes Kovy look good to perspective managers.
7th for Barrichello. Who will be a happy boy that Button fails to finsih, but he should have made more of this. Dragged the car home in the last two laps with an engine dumping oil out of the left hand side. The first Merc engine failure this year. A fact not lost on Redbull and their Renault tech boys.
8th and the last points paying spot for Rosberg. Who looked lost and slow all weekend. With not Button, Hamilton or Alonso in the top 8 he profits from their misfortune.
9th Webber, out of the points and never really looked like taking the fight to the Brawns. Suffered when he had to change the engine on Saturday, never really recovering from the loss of track time. Redbull will be asking Renault what they intend to do with its engines. If they keep going bang then they won’t be racing for the title come Abu Dhabi
Finally in 10th Glock. Toyota and rubbish and need to get their act together. They should have been all over this circuit and they weren’t. Yet again they fail. Force India is now officially better than them.

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