Sunday, 4 October 2009

Vettal takes a good clean win.

After Qualifying, the stewards took all the names of the drivers 4th onwards, put them into a big hat, shook it for a bit then threw the names up into the air., then waved their arms around a bit then studied the innards of a recently sacrificed pigeon. After all of that they placed the names in a random order on the grid. We had more penalties here than an England football squad at the world cup. left right and centre. Not slowing down, being a rubbish driver, getting in the way, changing gearboxes and looking at the steward in a funny way. They don't do things by half in Japan.

Well done to Vettel with a fine display of car control. Whilst others (notably his team mates) attempted to crash test their cars on different bits of the circuits walls and tires. Vettel sailed through it all to keep his championship alive by the skin of it's teeth.
Button has a nightmare run and only just scrapes into the points again. He only needs to finish 4th in Brazil, but does anyone think he can ? Brawn pretty much stitch up the constructor championship, all they need is half a point and it party at the Brawn garage. Which they do deserve. They've had a fantastic reliability rate this year, with Button only having one DNF when he got punted of the track by a stupid soon to be fired Frenchman.

So Vettel takes a lights to flag win, much smiles and everyone is happy. Well done to him, He didn't feel the need to crash test his car at all, unlike Webber who tried hard to be utterly rubbish all weekend. Except he got the fastest lap out of no where with a few laps to go.

Trulli ... Second. To me there is no second place. really .. i mean it. He was lucky, and a little tiny wheeny bit faster than Hamilton. That's all. Managed to stay awake long enough to dedicate the result to Glock ... who's going to get fired in all probability at the end of the season along with Trulli. Shame for Glock, not for Trulli.

Hamilton was robbed of second. On a track that shouldn't have suited the McLaren's he want out and drove a solid race and proved why i think he's the second coming. Hunt down the rest of the result sheet to find Kovalainen. That's how good Hamilton is. If he'd had this car at the start of the championship, would we be cheering on Button now. I doubt it.

4th for Raikkonen, who spent most of the weekend walking in and out of the McLaren pits.

5th For Rosberg who doesn't get hit by the big bad BAN HAMMER OF FIA DOOM, common sense seems to have prevailed and Rosberg didn't get into trouble for racing back to the pits when the safety car came out. He's a lucky boy.

6th for Heidfeld, this weeks "was here there, i missed him entirely."

7th Barrichello, he can still win this thing, if only he can shake off his shadow. He has beat button by more points than this. He was faster than Button all weekend, but just couldn't deliver the result he needed. Considering he started in 6th ( i know, neither do i understand that) why is he here in 7th ? Rosberg didn't get that much of an advantage when he raced back to the pits. This has always been Barrichellos problem he can't turn it on like button when he needs to. Still Brazil next, let's see how he handles the pressure here then shall we.

8th and the last paying point for Button. He's going to make us sweat this one out isn't he. What is it about being English and just not beating the pants of everyone with 3 races to go ?

9th For Kubica, looking good for that Renault seat next year.

10th For Alonso, who can't wait for that Ferrari seat next year.

There you go, I think Button is going to do it still. but it's going to be squeaky bum time next time in Brazil

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