Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Let's get ready to Rummmmmmblllleeee

Get ready everyone.

This Friday sees the heavy weight title fight of the centuary.

In the Red corner, standing a little under 4 foot tall, the french connection, the man that single handedly turned Ferrari from a laughing stock to world champion winners. It's FIA presidential candidate Jean "The Toad" Todt. The hot favourit is bank rolled by the might of the FIA itself, Mad Max Mosley and Bernie "that'll be £150million to you Guv'ner" Ecclestone.

In the blue corner, just over 10 foot tall, the Fin with the ice blue finish, he's bright shiny and new. It's FIA presidential candidate Ari "The Iceman" Vatanen. Backed by the mighty driving nation of Jordan and the HRH Prince Feisal of Jordan.

Winner takes all, and if Mad Max is to be believed then the Loosers will be taken outside and exicuted by fireing squad.
Max has been firing off email after vitriolic note. explaining to all that will listen the Todt is the only one that can possible win and that Ari wants to turn the FIA into a bunch of Baby eating gun runners and drug pushers.
Meanwhile Ari has been telling all and sundry that Max, Todt and Bernie are in a mystical cult hell bent on raising the dark lord and marching on the unbelievers.

Mud has been slung, injuctions have been served. Flights around the world in FIA transport have been denied. All in the name of glad handing the faithfull.

So Friday is the big day, I suspect Me Todt will win because the "3rd" world members who have no racing heritage to speak off, don't really vote out their leaders. they just wait until everyone get's bored with the bloodshed and the last man standing wins. the "western" world tends to like to change eveything every few years just to keep everything fresh. There are more "3rd" world voters than "western" so the Status Quo will continue.

Whom ever you vote for, make sure it counts.

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