Thursday, 29 October 2009

Bernie stabs the BRDC in the heart

Bernie has just confirmed that Donington isn't goin gto happen.

I hope Simon Gillett is happy tonight. Not only has he failed, and quite spectacularly. But he's given Bernie eactly what he wanted, a way out of the British GP that isn't going to cost him a penny. in fact he'll now sue Gillett for breach of contract no doubt. He's now free to go and get some ratty tilk hole put on the callender with more enmpty stands and dull as fuck racing.

Can you see him giving in to the BRDCs demand for a 17year deal ? no me neither, he'll offer 5 years, which isn't enough time to raise the money and redevelope silverstone. So he'll claim it isn't up to scratch and take circus off to some desert in the middle of umbungodingo land with 4 spectators and tent after tent of fat suited banker fucks watching football on widecreen TVs whilst they complain about the noise those damn cars are making.

Once more the paying public who actually make this sport tick over, get told to fuck off and just watch it on TV. which bernie will be charging a gazillion Euros for as more people watch as less see it live.

The Odious little money grabbing senial old dwarf

Bernie looking for more cash earlier.

RIP the British GP


  1. Whilst I agree entirely about Bernie being an odious and conniving little shit, when did you last go to, not watch on telly, the British GP?

  2. well yes, that is a good point. But i'll say one of the reasons i've not gone, is that it cost around £120 for a general entry ticket on sunday. Comparent to the 2 LMS races i went to this year which cost £30 to get into. Spa probably cost £150 for the 2 days including the ferry. Petrol was proably the most expensive thing, and the bar bill obviously.