Sunday, 30 June 2013

This is just getting silly now ...


That is all I have to say on the subject.

Rosberg won, because his tyres didn’t explode and his engine didn’t break
Webber was second after complaining to his team that his start line procedure didn’t work properly
Alonso raced the arse off the car yet again to third because Ferrari can’t get the thing dialled in before the race
Hamilton was robbed in fourth
Kimi was lucky the track was warm and the tyres worked for him after a cold qualifying left him a long way back, fifth today... will he be in a Redbull next year ..... yes.
Massa also had to race back after his tyre exploded
Sutil was dull
Ricciardo is still convinced his eighth place today will mean something to Redbull at the end of the year.
Di Resta is counting down the days before he can tell the press just what he thinks of the Force India team in ninth
Hulkenberg must be wondering if the move to Sauber was worth it after all ... the answer, is no.

I'm going to watch the rest of Glasto and drink port now.

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