Thursday, 4 July 2013

German GP

Sorry, but this will only be a short one this week due to various factors.

Right German GP this weekend.

Pirelli have thrown their toys out of the pram and gone on the offensive this week. The tyres exploding at Silverstone were to do with teams running the rubber outside of recommended parameters. i.e. on the wrong wheel, below the pressure range and with excessive camber. According to Pirelli its their own stupid fault for not following instructions and Pirelli are sick and tired of carrying the can for this.

So the FIA have waded in and told the teams to do as Pirelli say or they will be charged with bringing the sport in to disrepute or some such.

The upshot is that there will be new tyre compounds and designs for the rears and anyone that doesn't like it can go whistle dixie. Things are changing because the old design isn't up to the gig, especially when its abused by the sneaky teams. The Tyres are not expected to explode this weekend.

The highlight of all this has been Redbulls hilarious high moral grandstanding as a team that has been demanding changes since day one and if only the people in power had done as they wanted none of this sorry episode would have happened. Horner might not have had a bloody clue what Mark Webber was up too, but he knew full well those tyres were a death trap waiting to happen.

So, yes, with new tyres things will be a bit up in the air form book wise. Lotus and Force india are expected to be the big losers from all of this, Merc and Redbull the winner.

Merc especially are on a bit of a roll at the moment and Nico could well be a good bet for a podium or win if his luck holds out. the Merc is certainly a fast car and can give the Redbull a run for its money when Vettel isn't stripping teeth in his gearbox. My surprise this season is how flat Ferrari are looking, they were all over the show in practice last weekend with a car that looked like it only had a passing understanding of the word "Grip". Alonso is once again having to drive the balls off the car to stay in touch with the front runners, Merc and Redbull qualifying consistently ahead of he red cars isn't helping.

I think Lewis has got his mojo back now and would have cruised to the victory in Blighty but for the tyre. Even then he want from the back of the field to four in a ca rthat is supposed to eat its rear tyres. He might well be on a mission her to get a result and remind the Merc board of directors why he is being paid the big buck.

Merc for pole ... pretty much a given unless its wet ( I don't know what the forcast is at the moment)

Redbull and Alosno on the podium ... lotus mid top ten and i think the choice is between a McLaren and a Force India for the rest of the points.

Van der whatsit will still be last.

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