Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Canada and some points of interest.

Right then its time for the Canadian GP and there are a couple of interesting things to watch out for this weekend.

Firstly keep an eye Ferrari. It’s all been a bit quite down Maranello way thus far, the season hasn’t really got off to the flyer the last one ended on. Yes Alonso got the wins in China and Spain, good wins too. But Malaysia and Bahrain were a bit of a disaster and Monaco was lacklustre, they are having to scrap it out with Lotus when they need to be beating Redbull. Already the constructor’s championship (and the ones the teams really want to win, for the money if nothing else) looks like it’s going to be Redbulls to lose. They’re 40 points ahead of Ferrari and don’t look like losing that lead any time soon.

So Ferrari needs a good weekend to keep Alonso in the hunt and Massa to be on form to pick up the points, while Lotus and Redbull are out of the point. Things are starting to look a little jumpy around Ferrari as they start to feel the constructors and drivers titles beginning to slip away.

You never know with this place though, the ‘Wall of Champions” might claim Redbull or two, Kimi might trip up. But just watch Ferrari and see how edgy the team are at the moment. 

Lewis ….  The red tops and scandal rag Media is starting to poke at Hamilton and ask why he isn’t beating his team mate by a country mile. Most normal F1 watchers are aware that is takes time to gel with a new team, especially when your whole career to date has been with one team who you won a world championship with. So the regular press pack hasn’t taken much notice of the goings on at Mercedes.

 But then Nico went and dominated the Monaco weekend. Lewis was consistently half a second off his team mate’s times and didn’t really look like he’d got a handle on the car at all. This is a just new team teething problem, nothing to be worried about in the grand scheme of things. The car was designed with an ex seven times world champions backside in mind. So it’s to be expected that the car isn’t quite how the plucky Brit would like it.

 But the Fleet Street hacks that haul their fat backsides to Monaco once a year for the annual free food and booze orgy, have decided that Lewis has lost the plot and will leave Mercedes for McLaren any minute now. Never mind that Nico has always been pretty handy when he’s motivated and spent the last three years beating Schumacher. He’s always promised this sort of season but then fades as the year goes on, lets see how he’s doing once we get to Japan shall we. As for Lewis, it’s a kick back and enjoy the ride year, it all changes next year with new engines and rules. I think the death of Hamilton’s career is being greatly overstated right now.

What else…

Well there’s Force India and their “We will get a podium  … any minute now… just watch  .. here we go … the next one .. yeah the next race  … we’ll get a podium” story. This season, just as Mr Malaya looks like he’s going to sell the lot to the first bidder if they offered him £4.50 and a packet of wine gums! The rozzers are looking to haul him off for unpaid bills back home in India, so how much longer the team is around is anyone’s guess. I imagine this is rather taking the managements eyes of the prize on the track right now, so its no small wonder they are doing quite as well as they are. Once again look out for Sutil and Di Resta, either could well be up there if the big boys come a cropper on the wall.

Meanwhile, McLaren and their new 2015 Honda engine deal … I’m going to make a prediction here and now. I don’t think Jenson will ever drive a McLaren with a Honda engine. Perez has turned up and after a bit of a shaky start, shown Button the way home. He doesn’t seem to respect Jenson the way Lewis did and certainly doesn’t have the same sort of skill. But that will come, It just won’t be there when Jenson is. Because Honda are going to want a Japanese driver in the car for the first few years as they get the motorsport division back up to speed and into winning ways. No point wasting lots of money on talent that isn’t going to get results now is there.

 So the smart money is currently riding on a return for Krazy Koby when Jenson walks off into the twighlight in a year or two’s time. The team are really talking Canada, and to a large extent the rest of the season, down now. They need to understand why this years car is so poor so they don’t make the mistake again with next years car. But this season is over as a championship now for the Woking boys and girls.  

Right, who will win …Vettel or Kimi … my money is on Kimi. I thin the Merc will be on pole again, Nico seems to be dialled in so why not him, maybe a Banzai lap from Vettel though, just for a change.

Bear in mind though, the weather is expected to be wet on Saturday, so pole could go to anyone of the big four.

 Fastest lap is all about who has a problem at the end and has to make an unscheduled stop at the end. That could be anyone, so close your eyes and pick a number there.

Last place, well Max was doing alright against Van Der Garde, but I think Caterham mighthave a faster car here so  .. Max is my tip for last.

But as ever its all down to you.

Don’t forget to make any updates before midnight on Thursday.


Good luck.

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