Thursday, 22 November 2012

Right it’s all come down to one race. After around 3800 miles of racing over eight months we finally arrive in Brazil with two drivers trying to become world champions for the third time.

Who do you think will win and who would you like to win ?

The young gun Vettel looking to become the youngest ever consecutive triple world champion but that question of weather he is one of the greatest still persist. It’s not been an easy ride for him this year with a car that didn’t want to qualify at the start of the season and an engine that likes to burn out its alternator. He’s had to battle through the pack and scrap it out with the midfield rather than win from the front. The first half of the season was one of picking up results when the others failed to finish, the second half the Redbull seemed to find a new lease of life and hit the front with a vengeance. Hamilton stopped him last week in Austin, will he do the same again this weekend ?

Vettel doesn’t need to win to retain the title, just finishing will pretty much do it for him. But he’s not good at sitting back and waiting for the race to come to him, It’s all or nothing for the German and that might be his downfall.

Alonso and Ferrari have had a very rocky ride this year. With a car that has looked like it wants to kill its driver at times but saved his life in spa when Grosjean tried to take his head off. From the highest height of that win in front of his adoring public in Valencia to the Spa where he was lucky to walk away from a car destroyed by a flying Lotus. This has been a classic year for Fernando, he’s fought tooth and nail and never given up, Ferrari have admitted that they got the wind tunnel numbers wrong. Even going so far as to pack up the wind tunnel team and transport them to Germany and the ex-Toyota facility to start over again.

By rights he shouldn’t even have a shot at the title with a car that is the third best car on the grid, but it says something for the Spaniards luck and tenacity that he’s there 13 points behind Vettel and you know he’ll thrash that Ferrari to within an inch of its life to get the result he needs.

The maths are pretty simple for Alonso, beat Vettel by more than 13 points, so win, and hope Vettel isn’t second. If he’s behind Vettel its all over, he has to be in front of the Redbull and have at least two cars between them to stand a chance. If the Redbull alternator fails then he has to be third or better to take the title

But lets not forget the McLarens of Button and more importantly Hamilton. McLaren have lost this championship, pure and simple. They had the best car and one of the best drivers in Lewis. He is absolutely at the top of his game and should have walked the title hunt this year. But comedy pit stops, poor reliability and just plain taking their eyes off the prize have left them with nothing. A few race wins and a fight for second place in the constructors chase.

The fact that Hamilton is happy to go to Mercedes, who have failed spectacularly to deliver despite their budget, tells you all you need to know about how Lewis feels about McLaren.

Hamilton beat Vettel in Austin as Alonso struggled to dial the nervous Ferrari into the track. Brazil is far more of a know quantity so the Ferrari should be right at the sharp end this time. Throw in the predicted rain storm and we have the making of a great end of season.

Please update your predictions for the last time this year before midnight and good luck,

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