Tuesday, 13 November 2012

HRT up for sale.

How do you make a pocket full of change and fire countless engineers ..... start with a bunch of Bankers and give them an F1 team to play with.

Once again the owners of HRT have found out that no one gives a shit out their crappy cars or their crappy team. They have two crappy drivers and soon they'll have a big expensive crappy factory in Spain that is worth more as a car park than an *ahem* state of the art Formula one team factory.

 No one ever bought an F1 team to make money and turn a profit after a couple of years. So why did a bunch of bankers think it was a good idea to buy an unsuccessful F! team in Germany and transport it to Spain where there is no infrastructure for that sort of thing. And they do it in the middle of the worst economic crisis in Spanish history.

Who will buy the team ... no one , it's shit.

Not even Bernie has his fingers in this one.


  1. How much they want for it? If I win 133 million quid in the Euromillions lottery I'm going to have to do something with my time...

  2. I'm pretty sure a copy of Razzles and £3.53 in loose change would probably get you an in.