Thursday, 15 November 2012

America home of the car, lets see what Redbull can do.

Hello race fans, just a quick one this time.

We’re on the final leg in America this weekend and the final race of a very, very long season in Brazil next weekend.

The Circuit of the Americas is a brand spanking, never before seen, or used, state of the art, circuit in the middle of nowhere in a dusty corner of Texas. I have no idea what it’ll be like, though I do expect the stands to be full. If nothing else the Americans do like to see the Europeans turn up now and again to show them how an open wheel championship should be run.  

The feeling is this is going to be another Redbull track I'm afraid. As long as they don’t *ahem* “have a fuel problem” this time. But all the big boys have a fully spec’d up sims of the track layout and the lower fourth teams have been playing it on F1 2012 for a couple of weeks at least. So there won’t be any surprises for the drivers. Friday might see a fair bit of action as they explore the limits of the tracks and confirm their setting, as the track beds in the top teams will be able to dial the cars in whilst the cheap end of the pit might struggle.

A race in America is always special because F1 should be in America, the home of the automobile. With a five year contract let’s hope they can build a bit of a following again. The last time the circus was in the states they left with their tails between their legs as two thirds of the field refused to race. This time it should be a bit more professional.

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