Wednesday, 26 August 2009

What lap will it rain on then ?

It’s back to proper racing

Considering that Belgium is the most boring country on the planet, by some miracle it managed to build the second best circuit in the world. A circuit built by Men for Men to race on. Big, fast corners with long winding straights through the forest up the side of the only interesting bit of Belgium.
This place is all about speed and handerling, going fast and carrying the speed though the corners so that the ribbon of tarmac unfolds in front of the car. Speed, you have to have a big grunty engine that can propel the car like a missile through the forest or the Ardennes.

Which going on form so far, all adds up to the Redbulls after Webbers victory in Germany.

But, this is Belgium and that means rain. We got it last year in the result that never was. Hamilton chasing down the Ferrari of Kimi, until it starts to rain and Kimi’s going backwards suddenly. Then Hamilton cuts the corner, gives Kimi the lead back and then takes him into the next corner and keeps it on the island to take a brilliant victory. Or so we thought. Then the FIA pressed the Random Result Generator Button™ and Massa wins for some really bizarre reason.
The weather can be strange here. Rain on one side of the circuit and brilliant sunshine on the other side. Usually it just dumps a load of rain on the circuit and catches the great and good out.
So picking a winner is always tricky here. Redbull are the favourites because they won in Germany. Webber is still chasing Button hard and Vettel needs to shake the feeling that he’s stiffed when the chips are down. Redbull can still win the constructors cup if both of their drivers are up to speed
McLaren have got themselves a fast car at last and are trying to beat Ferrari to 3rd spot in the championship. So they will be going balls out for a win. Hamilton to wipe the memory of last year’s race, and Kovy to try and keep his seat for next year.
Brawn seems to have got the car sort of fixed and Button needs to stop haemorrhaging point to his rivals. Whilst Barrichello want to prove once and for all that he can win a championship if given the chance.
Ferrari meanwhile have given Badoer another shot at racing, after he clocked up the most number of pit lane fines in the history of motor racing. Kimi wants to prove that he can still drive a car fast, even win, after last year’s fiasco.

So there are lots of drivers with something to prove here and they have a proper circuit to do it on.

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