Monday, 29 October 2012

The cynicism of middle age

So ... more of the same then.
You just know its going to happen don't you ? Vettel and Redbull are on a roll and there is just no stopping them now. Whatever you may think is going to happen, whatever you would like to happen, the reality is that Vettel is pretty much unbeatable right now.
The season started so well from a fans point of view with random wins and a Williams back on the top step. But now, well it's time for a Miss reality to to saunter back into the room with a casual flick of her long dark hair and a knowing smile that says "normal service resumed boys". She has two big burly bodyguards standing just out of sight  behind her. Whilst you're looking at the A line dress and plunging neck line, 'money' and 'politics' are standing there to make sure random chance and Lady luck are kept at a very long arms length.
Winning is not about being the best of the best on the day. It's about having the most money to throw at the problem and the most engineers willing to burn out for the cause. As Lance Armstrong proved, money and ambition will overcome all the odds.
Maybe I've just become jaded with motorsport ?
Maybe as i get older I'm starting to get tired of looking at a grid and thinking, "well they are the richest team, with the best of everything. So they're going to win ... aren't they!". Winning isn't about luck anymore, it's just about the money and how much the team has. Lance was right, winning is more important than taking part, winning isn't about pride and respect now. It's about completing a business transaction and delivering a result for the investors. It's about giving the marketing department the tools to promote the soft drink or the business solution. No longer a physical test or the triumph against odds.  
Maybe its just the red wine, but I'm finding it harder sell F1 to you. Pure brute force of capitol is what wins championships today, not passion and talent. Maybe that was always the case and maybe Gonzales and Fangio where the best because they had the best equipment from the richest teams.
Vettel won and it was pretty easy. When the TV director is looking at the battle for fifth and sixth, you just known he's casting around for some interest. I think you're a fool if he's not up for the win, pole and fastest lap of your prediction now. The rest of the pack is there to make up the numbers for the rest of the season. Is the car legal ..... until the FIA find the test that says no, they are.
Alonso second and he thrashed that car to get there. Make no mistake, the likes of Perez and Hulkenberg like to talk the talk but they will never be able to deliver the result of the Spaniard. I still don't like him, but my respect for him has grown immeasurable this season.
Webber third, had KERS problems apparently.
Hamilton, counting down the days till is leaves McLaren. He did what he could with what he had.
Button ... got the fastest lap on the last lap on the race. So motivation might be an issue
Massa was sixth
Kimi seventh and the last creditable challenge to the Redbulls, despite not winning a race this year.
Hulkenberg eighth to do enough for the Sauber seat next year.
Grosjean doesn't hit anyone one for two races in a row
Senna was tenth with a car that would have delivered a podium in the hands of a better driver
Karthikeyan is this weeks hopeless driver that has move money than the team can turn down. 

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