Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Let's all Dance to Bernies music

Korea then and it’s another one of Bernie’s ‘take the money and run’ circuits.

Back in the day this was supposed to be the foundation of a great street circuit in the middle of a billionaires’ paradise and marina. Except the financial world collapsed and suddenly there wasn’t enough money left to build the hotels, restaurants and gin palace dry docks. So what we are left with is a reasonable interesting circuit in the middle of a reclaimed swamp next to a shipping terminal on a dreary bit of Korean coast. That has no infrastructure to speak off within 60 miles and no atmosphere what-so-ever.

If you think china has a dull looking circuit, you ain’t seen nothing yet !

So who have been the winners and losers this week?

Grosjean and his chums have been crawling out of the woodwork to claim that Webber caused the accident in turn two of the Japanese GP. The theory goes that Webber was off line in turn 1 and slowed more than necessary on the apex of turn 2. Grosjean had nowhere to go because he was boxed in by Perez, and ran into the back of the Redbull. Looking back at it … it looks like he piles into the back of Webber, who’s in front of him. Maybe he’s just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he’s spent a lot of this year in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Much like Massa and Hamilton did last year. He’s not a bad driver ... But he’s coping an awful lot flak for accidents even if it’s not technically his fault.
Lotus are sort of lukewarm about his future, so he’s got five races to keep his head down and not hit anyone else.

Lewis this week has had another, “think before you say anything moment”. An Idol twitter comment that “Jenson isn't following me on Twitter anymore, I thought he had more respect than that”. Was pounced on by a press pack and twittershpere to be a dig at Button and McLaren and Bernie and F1 and the fans and the money and sponsors and the team and the people than make those stickers that you can buy in little stalls at the circuit and God and the man that opens the gate to let the teams in and the truck driver and the WHOLE WORLD !!!!1!!!!!!!!!.
A hasty, “oh oops! he wasn’t following me in the first place” tweet later that day was met by a raft of comedy twitter comments from every living comedian on earth about how Lewis wasn’t following them and they felt they’d been let down badly.
24 hours and a lot of Korean beer later the press pack had completely forgotten where its hotel was, let alone what Hamilton had to say on twitter.

The third tear drivers market is starting to take shape; Ricciardo thinks he’s going to get another year with Toro Rosso, not the most exciting driver and certainly not Redbull full team material. He’ll be lucky to keep the seat unless he pulls out some top ten finishes from somewhere.
Kovalainen must be in talks with Sauber, because Caterham are talking about what a great guy he is and they’re sure he’s going to sign with them for next year.
The word on the street is Maldonado is off to somewhere new now. With all that lovely Venezuelan money he’ll be getting now Chavez is El Presidenta again, I imagine he’s harbouring thoughts of a the Sauber seat too. Williams are almost certainly going to pick Bottos for the car next year so Senna must be praying Maldonado walks off

Anyway .. errrrr yes Korea. Right This place is a bit like Valencia; technical with a few fast bits. Well Redbull and their sneaky deaky Double DRS they appear to have now should see them on pole. Newey has sneaked this one out under the radar and caught McLaren and Ferrari on the hop with their system, unlike the dreadful thing on the Mercedes, appearing to work and gives them a clear qualifying advantage. They locked out the front row in Japan remember.

Ferrari has been talking their game up and that usually mean they're panicking.

McLaren, well that’s anyone’s guess, its’ win or bust for them at the moment. You have no idea what sort of team is going to turn up - the win with ease or the back stabbing eyes off the prize, lads. Stick them out front and they’ll be difficult to beat, but if Redbulls rinky dinky double DRS is actually real and working McLaren will be the ones chasing.
Perez in the Sauber will be trying too hard again to impress the lads from Woking. Whilst Mercedes with their tyre eating car might well be late run for points contenders, when they have to stop with ten laps to go before the end as usual.

I think we could see one of the Williams boys in the top ten too. Both need to impress the teams to get a seat for next year.

Kimi ... well you never know. I don’t think he’s actually raced here, but that doesn’t mean he won’t do well here. Maybe a top five spot even a podium if Grosjean takes out a handful of the top runners.

Oh yeah and Massa, i think he could be in top five again. relying on Grosjean of course.

Right update you predictions before Friday and good luck.

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