Sunday, 27 November 2011

Webber 'wins' the battle, Vettel takes the war.

And the final result is in, it’s all over and about bloody time too.

Dear Bernie can we not have a 10 month season next year please, it’s too long. This year it was four races too long, in the good old days the FIA would have banned Vettel for a few races to give everyone else a chance. Bernie must be losing his touch !
Right straight off the bat then and I think Vettel has done a great job this year, he’s been consistent, hasn’t had to rely on the Lady Luck and has done exactly what he’s paid to do. He even gave Webber a win at the end of the year, what a jolly nice chap.

And to be honest with you all I think he is a jolly nice chap. He’s not a smug git like Schumacher was for all those years. He not a grumpy bugger like Alonso is and hes happy to give an interview on the starting grid unlike Hamilton. He can turn it on when he needs a pole, turn in fastest laps when he has too, and he can have a gear box problem when his team mate needs a moral boasting win.
What more do you require of a driver ?

So what if he hasn’t had to drive form the back of the grid to win or over take a load of people, this year do you really think he couldn’t have done that if he needed to. But the reality is he’s not let himself get into the position where he needs to do all that. Front row all year, beating Mansells record of 14 poles in a season here in Brazil, that’s 79% of the races he’s led into the first corner and from there it’s difficult not to win. As other drivers had to avoid each other and make up for a bad qualifying run, he calmly got on with it.

So you know I think he’s done alright this year, complaining he can’t over take is just sour grapes really.

Right then, Vettel on pole, gets away cleanly again, except this time rather than sailing off into the distance ... oh he did. Errr with Webber behind for a change. Then unexpectedly he started getting messages about the short shifting in 2nd gear to make it cool down a bit, then short shift in 2nd and 3rd. Then suddenly he was being told to be extra specially careful with the gearbox because it might explode at any second. As this was happening he slowed down a tinnys wennsy little bit, just enough for Webber to close up. Then he told the pits that “Got un himmel I vill haf to slow down aun let my team mate pass to save zee gear un box, himmel”
“oh” we all thought, maybe Alonso or Button can catch him and pass him and we he won’t make it to the podium yet again in two traces.
But then an odd thing happened and he started to follow Webber and not drop back at all like he had a gearbox on the edge of survival. Hamilton showed him how it was supposed to be down as he exited turn three and found he had a box of neutrals and not 4th gear as he expected.
No Vettel managed to be 2 seconds a lap faster than anyone else and apart from Webber and proceeded to pretty much cruise to an easy second place, ‘gifting’ the win to Webber who has singularly failed to come out of Vettels shadow all year ... what a surprise.

As for the rest who cares? They didn’t get close and didn’t look like beating the Redbulls all weekend.

So Webber gets his one and only win of the year, well done him. He also got the fastest lap on the very last lap, I think he’s trying to make a point there.

Vettel second for a change, he didn’t look too fussed

Button makes a bit of a meal of it but did enough to ensure 3rd with a fine drive past the ailing Alonso

Alonso is 4th and will be more than happy to see the back of this year Ferrari

Massa is as dull as ever in 5th after much weaving around in front of Hamilton.

Sutil might have done enough in 6th to buy the seat a Williams or even keep the seat at Force India.

Rosberg should have got a bit more out of the car than 7th but its still, as ever, better than Schumacher.

Di Resta rounds out a good rookie year in 8th, hopefully he’s nailed onto a Force India drive now.

Kobayashi was 9th apparently.

And Petrov rounds out the top ten, just to remind everyone that yes Renault are still in fact taking part.

Finally Ricciardo is the last man walking, will we see him in a Torro Rosso next year. More than likely though I don’t know why, Luizzi beat him most of the time.

the real winner in all of of this though  ...

see you next year lads ...mmmmwwhahahahahahaha

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