Wednesday, 5 May 2010

It’s all back to Spain and the start of the European season.

All the big boys will be bringing new improved cars to this race as they’ve had three weeks to sort out the kinks and glitches of the opening rounds.

Ferrari have figured out why their engines keep exploding, the catch all “Hydraulics” problem has been fixed apparently, the FIA have given the go ahead to modify their engine, so it should hold together and Alonso is talking up his championship on home soil.

Mercedes have redesigned their car so Mickey doesn’t look quite so ordinary. Well that’s the plan, I suspect he’ll still be in the bottom of the top 10 come Sunday afternoon. Button has also been talking up his championship in Spain, apparently this circuit will suit their cars. Which is usually code for “We’re not going for pole here”. Buttons is all buffed up at the moment with two wins and a hand on the silverware and if he can’t win then Hamilton won’t be far behind.

Just like last year the Redbulls have so far failed to convert speed into wins. Vettel still looks a little unsure in traffic whilst Webber still can’t seem to string a weekend together. The FIA’s ban on trick suspension doesn’t appear to have made much difference to their qualifying speed, so I expect one of the Redbulls to be upfront form the start of the race.

Kubica has been talking down his chances this weekend. Renault haven’t been splashing the reddies to make the car go fast enough for Mr Kubica, so he’s started whinging about it.

That should be your top eight again, Spain is pretty much a test track for the teams so they know every twist and turn. This means that come Sunday, the order they qualified in, will almost certainly be the order they finish in (unless is rains of course). It’s long, fast and pretty grippy. Tire wear isn’t too bad for the well balanced cars, but a noodly twisty last section of the lap will test the cars that have gone for straight line speed over grip. With the F-duck, McLaren can trim the car for better grip in this slow section for instance.

I shall be in Belgium at the second round of the 2010 LMS race 1000kms of big grunty sports cars. It’s going to be the tester for this years Le Mans, with both Peugeot and Audi bringing three cars apiece. I prey to all the Gods of fast cars that it doesn’t rain in Spa but knowing spa it will rain at some point. But there is nothing in this world to compare to watching sports prototype cars blasting through Eau Rouge for 6 hours. It’s even worth getting wet for.

So I think I can live without seeing a dull two hour racing in Spain. If you want to see some proper racing, tune into Eurosport TV on Sunday from 10am.

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