Monday, 5 April 2010

Vettel makes it to the line at last.


Well done to the Redbull boys. As Ferrari and McLaren forget that just holding their hand out of the garage is usually the best sign of “is it raining or not lad”, Redbull score a one two at long last.

Vettel has led the last two races but had nothing to show for it. This time Webber beats the rest to pole in a rain affected qualifying, but could do nothing as Vettel cruised up the inside of turn one and stole the win from the lanky Ozzy driver. Webber weaved around off the line far too busy trying to drive everyone else off the road. Maybe if he concentrated on driving in a straight line he’d have been first.

Vettel pretty much day dreamed to the flag in the end, Webber tried to make a fight off it, but got left behind pretty quickly and then a sticky wheel nut in the Redbull pit put paid to any chance Webber had. Could this be the start of the Redbull steam roller, quite possibly. No one looked like touching them all weekend. Vettel has the speed and consistency, but is he a car breaker.

Webbers 2nd was better than hitting the other drivers and bits of scenery. But really he should have defended the first corner a bit better. I can see Webber getting a win or two this year, but he’s not the complete package like Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso is he. He doesn’t have lady lucks kiss and has a habit of getting far too aggressive when better driver beat him.

3rd for Nico who once again beats his seven times world champion team mate. He took care of Kubica behind him, but didn’t look like touching the Redbulls up front. They cleared off after five turns and he didn’t get any closer all day. Nico is very fast and he’s in a pretty good car, he’s beaten Mickey three for three now, but you do get the feeling that a Mickey on form would have at least chased the Redbull down. Nico has been guilty of falling asleep on more than one occasion, is he getting complacent as Mickey fails to impress.

4th For Kubica again. Another good result. I may have to revise my opinion of the Polish chap. He’s no world champion, but he can be fast when he’s motivated.

5th For Sutil, like Vettel he’s had bad luck up to this point, so it’s a good result from the once back markers of Force India. Liuzzi has been making all the headline so far for the team, so Sutil will be glad to get a good points place under his belt. Expect more results like this at the rest of the high speed track this year.

6th for Hamilton and damn it all he is brilliant. 20th to 6th is just fantastic and not from passing people in the pits or picking up spots as people drop out either. He took eight cars off the line the chased down the top ten until he got to Sutil and couldn’t find a way past. Hamilton is the best race in the field right now and he’s getting better and better. He might not have that final race craft of Alonso or Mickey used to have. But he doesn’t give up and he gets pissed off when he’s not winning. That’s what I want from my racers. Not dullards happy to be picking up the points.

7th For Massa. Is he as fast as Alonso ? The team seem to think so, they didn’t tell him to move over. Massa seems to have the belief and now he’s leading the World Championship. But has he looked winning a race any time soon. That would have to be a big fat Nope, not something that looks like changing anytime soon either.

8th for Button who switched tires early again, but didn’t make the strategy pay this time and then Hamilton beat him into turn one after Hamiltons pit stop. He’d binned the car in Q1 and had to start down in 17th, he did well to get back to 8th, but not as well as Hamilton who beat him from 20th. So much of the new king of McLaren.

9th For Alguersuari, did all right and beat some big names, in an under powered Torro Rosso. Saying that he took his chances when they presented themselves, passing a bunch of better cars without too many dramas, a good result in the fight not to be last

10th for Hulkenberg and this weeks best of the Williams drivers. Barrichello stalled it on the line so the Hulk gets to pick up the points for Frank and co.
Of the Tail End Charlies. Virgin comes up trumps with Di Grassi beating Chandhok and Senna in the HRTs, Trulli in the Lotus was way behind five laps down on the winner. A very good result for the Virgin boys who haven’t had too much to shout about these last few weeks, beating the Malaysian Lotus on home soil will have made Branson happy. Or kept him interested for another week, now he’s not hob knobbing with the winners anymore he seems a touch more reluctant to be seen around the garages doesn’t he. Oh well.

There we go then. The young guns from Milton Keynes get both cars home with a great One Two. That’s what they’ll have to do from now on if they want to lift the trophy at the end of the year. Malaysia was a good race because the qualifying was mixed up by the weather. Once the big boys got back to familiar territory it was the same old story, with fast cars stuck behind faster cars.

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