Tuesday, 13 April 2010

China is ready for action

Round 4 and the Bernie loving peoples republic of shooting dissidents and stopping the internet of China. It’s another chance to count the spectator. I think there will be at least 2 empty stands this year and nobody insight for qualifying. Which is a shame because that’s all that there will be of interest.

Ferrari are leading both championship, more by luck than judgement though. Massa has had a whole bunch of good finishes keeping Alonso behind him. The Spaniard is all sweetness and light and “hahahah ahr what a great bloke the Brazilian is ho ho” in front of the camera. Behind closed doors I bet it’s a much different story. Both drivers need to beat the other. But they appear to have an engine cooling issue on the hotter tracks.

McLaren have had some good luck and some bad luck. Lot’s of speed but piss poor pit calls and trying to be too clearer have left them 10 points short of Ferrari. One aggressive driver and one smooth are giving the pit wall plenty of racing options. The fastest thing in a straight line, the Mclaren has been reliable and there or there about every race. A good qualifying from both drivers could see a 1-2 this time out.

Redbull should have won all three by rights so far. But bad luck and Webber have conspired to stop them. If it holds together its a very fast car, if the FIA find out how they’re changing the ride height in Parc Ferme, they’re a very banned car. Vettel won with ease last year on a wet Sunday, I can see it happening again this year. Faster over a lap that anyone else, consistency and reliability are the only think holding them back from a 1-2.

Mercedes are pushing for a top 5 placing with Rosberg, whilst Mickey sits at the back if the pits and complains about how it was all so much harder in his day. Nick Fry is telling all and sundry that Mickey will come good any day now, which is surely the first sign of imminent retirement. They don’t have the speed of the Redbull or McLarens but they have Ross on the pit wall and he’s worth a second a lap.

Renault and Kubica are having a good start to the season, can they keep ahead on the development curve ?? I very much doubt it. This isn’t a factory team anymore and the boss isn’t in it to win it. Petrov has money and some talent, but no experience or luck, thus he is the perfect Renault number 2 driver.

Force India continue to do good things with less money. A solid mid field team, defiantly a top 10 runner, but which driver wil get the break this weekend.

Williams continue to pick up the starting money. They’re already starting to slid down the pecking order. Hulkenberg has so far been less than impressive.

Torro Rosso have to good drivers shocker. But an awful car. If the rest drop the ball they could be in the top ten.

BMW (Sauber) ….. oh dear, running on fumes in testing to get sponsorship always falls apart at the first race. This team was going for the championship 2 years ago.

Lotus are winning the best of the new boys race but only just. Fast (er) then the other newbies. They need to develop the car to stay ahead of an improving Virgin.

Virgin won the new boys race last time out, the tanks too small but they still got both cars to the end have they turned the corner or was it blind luck.

HRT …. Rubbish, but Chandhok is a nice down to earth bloke. Senna is still trading on the name.

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