Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I might be back ...

I might well start commenting on what's been happening in the world of F1 again.

Lewis apparently throwing a big hissy fit. The very real possibility that Nico could win the whole damn shooting match. Ferrari imploding and Vettel being shown up for the petulant man child I always suspected he was really. Bernie selling the gig to the Americans.

No racing you understand. That's still just as dull as it ever was.. round and round and round and round progressively emptier industrial estates in increasingly ratty third world dictatorships.

Japan this year, who can give the Italian and British fans a solid run for their money on the "crazy obsessive petrol headed nutters" 24 laps sprint race. didn't seem to be all that bothered about turning up to the F1 race this year. I have no idea how much a weekend ticket was at Suzuka, but i'm guessing you could have a pretty good family holiday in uptown Osaka for the price of four start line grandstand tickets.

Anyway, it's America this weekend. If Nico wins it's all over as a spectacle, it'll just be a pissing contest for the rest of the season. A Lewis win with Nico standing next to a smoking car behind the armco and we have something to look forward to.

Roll the dice, lets see who comes out fighting.

more later ....

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  1. Suzuka prices, 500 quid for a start line ticket, but only 70 quid for the spoon curve, straight and 130R