Monday, 23 November 2015

Crank it up one last time

Hurrah, it's the last race of the season. The longest in living memory, you though Mao took a long time to march from one end of china to the other, well that's nothing compared to how long this season has been going on. I was a young, vibrant man in the first flush of 44, my prime years many would argue when this started. And here now this interminable season is almost finally over as I begin my 45th year. This season has literally aged me one whole year. A year I will never get back ... thank you Bernie .. Thanks for nothing !!!

"Come on lads, almost there "
By the holy  beard of Jenson Button I can't wait for this season to end so I can spend Sunday afternoon asleep on the sofa rather than dragging out this raw passionate (often badly spelt I'll grant you) prose, for you my dear an loyal readers. Without who, this would only be read by my brother (possibly) and maybe one or two people stumbling around the back reaches of Blogger late on a Sunday evening.... They say man is the sum of the things he leaves behind. I think I add up to a damaged liver and a vented spleen. 

But passionate prose, yes if nothing it's passionate prose, I've meant every word of this too. I hope I have entertained you this year, and helped to cast some light on those at the back of the grid.  It has been fun to watch Sainz and Verstappen rock up and impress with their grit and determination.  It's been sad too with the utter failure of McLaren, who have gamely got on with things and never stopped trying.  Drivers with lesser metal would have packed up and walked away complaining to anyone who would listen, and to be fair to Alonso here, he only really let it all spill out by Japan, when everyone had realised how much of a mess it all was. By the time they got to Japan, we all knew the engine wasn't up to it, no point denying it anymore.

I hope I have encouraged some of you to follow Webber and Hulkenberg to Le Mans. Maybe catch a bit of the Australian V8's and perhaps look beyond the jaded horizon of Formula One. The WEC had possibly one of the best years of racing I've ever seen.  If you went looking for good racing it was out there, Bernie didn't kill everything off.

But yes we have one more race this year in Abu Dhabi and the Yas Marina circuit. It's the day night race, round the harbour and that building that lights up .. yeah you know the one. It was quite dramatic last year with Nico losing the title to Hamilton. You're not going to get that much drama this year. There is nothing left to race for now; I think all the pride might have been raced for too.  
But F1 cars do look pretty nice under a gazillion watts of street lighting, even if the track does look somewhat empty at times during the race. And the sun going down makes things a little bit more dramatic. 

So it'll all be worth watching, come on, one last go. See if you can get your highest score this week.

ooooh is it my turn again !?!

Good luck.


  1. Yup, definitely reading.

    On Button & Alonso, I think the fact that they stuck by McClaren all season is pretty impressive but disagree that drivers with lesser metal would have walked - those lesser drivers would have hung on for the end of contract/season bonus which they could then take to another team to buy a seat. Button & Alonso, with gazillions of quid in the bank could have chucked it in, wandered back to the Monte Carlo balcony and drank Mai Tai's whilst, in Jenson's case, Jessica rubbed tanning oil all over... [snip]. Anyway you get the point. Hopefully Ron & the boys will remember how to build a competitive car next year...

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