Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hamilton does it again.

Right okay y'all, its a late race this week so I'm afraid this is going to be a short one.

Hamilton rocks up to Austin and just does what he does best. Well almost he didn't get pole by almost half a second after dominating all the practice sessions. Apparently he glazed the brake pads on the warm up lap and spent his banzi lap locking up the front brakes. Which is not to take anything away from Nico's pole lap. It was top draw stuff and demonstrates that Rosberg is still in this fight, he's in no way given up the title to Lewis yet.

So Rosberg started the race ahead of Hamilton, the two of them driving off to continue their fascinating season long battle. The Williams and Redbulls kept them on their toes, but really is was another day for these two to decide the win.
Rosberg pulled out a 3 second gap at the first pit stop, Lewis struggling with front end that didn't want to got where it was asked to. A quick tweak to the front wing at his pit stop and suddenly he was catching Rosberg hand of fist until on lap 23 he slid it up the inside of turn 12, squeezed Nico tot he outside of the corner and took the lead.   Easy as that, Rosberg made a few attempts at catching Lewis, but whenever he made up a few tenths Lewis responded in kind.

There was a great race behind them with teams trying different strategies to deal with the high tyre ware. But they were all fighting for the bottom step of the podium.

Okay, So Lewis won his fifth race in a row and is now the most successful British F1 driver of all time. An accolade I personally think he rightly deserves. He's gone out an won those races on pure grit and determination. They weren't gifted to him and I don't think he's ever cruised to an easy win. You can measure a driver by his opposition and Hamilton has beaten the likes of Vettel, Alonso, Kimi and Schumacher (who wasn't in his prime to be fair). All drivers that have been considered some of the best in the history of the sport. When he's in a straight fight with Nico he's come out on top more often and if he loses this championship now because of this double points race in Abu Dhabi, there will be no justice in this sport.

Nico was second, and didn't have an answer to Lewis when it mattered. He claimed in the post race media grilling, that he "couldn't find his rhythm until it was too late". Which is code for, he was better than me. He's not given up, but I just think Lewis has that edge when it counts. The desire to be the world champion, where Nico is perhaps unsure if he can beat his team mate.

Ricciardo was third with a pretty stella drive after messing the start up. Feisty and committed, I'm really starting to like his style and personality out of the car. Vettel hurrumphed off out of the circuit the moment he's done the obligatory interviews whilst Riccy hung around and chatted to locals and media a like. So yeah, I like the guy.

Massa was fourth and i think should have been on the podium. He got a good start off the line and was keeping up with the Merc at the start, but then seemed to fade back and was beaten by Riccy who had better tyres at the end.

Bottas was fifth and considering he was about a gazillion miles and hour faster through the speed trap than anyone else, he should have got more for the race.

Alonso, saved face with a late stop for fresh rubber and salvaged some points. Still no word on what he;s doing next year, the word is the divorce from Ferrari is getting messy.

Vettel did all right really to get seventh. He started from the pit lane because the team had to change the engine, he huffed around at the back for a bit complaining that the car was a bit of a handful with a heavy fuel load. But as that load dropped, he got faster and climbed into the top ten.

Magnussen was eighth and I think he's going to get resigned by McLaren for next year, he's fast and feisty, some thing Big Ron always admires.

Now Vergne was beaten by Maldonardo on the track, but the lunatic was given a 5 second penalty for being a idiot, so Vergne moves up to ninth. BUT Vergne made a bit of a kamikaze move on Grosjean in the closing stages of the race and might get pinged for that. The FIA have only put out a preliminary result so far so he might get penalty he move down the order. For now we'll leave him here because we always like a tryer.

 So Maldonardo gets some point for Lotus this year. He is still a liability though.

Vettel got the fastest lap

And Kvyat was unlucky at the end to collect the bit of wing that fell off Grosjeans car after Vergne tried to assault him. Which meant he had to go into the pits with a handful of laps left to run and came out behind Gutierrez who we all thought was going to be out last placed banker form now on.

okay enough its very late and i want to go to bed. If the FIA throw the book at Vergne i'll adjust the results are required.

night night.

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