Wednesday, 18 June 2014

This is how you do Le Mans

Le Mans is more than just a race, it's more than just a round of the WEC.
Le Mans is week long celebration of cars, beer, technology, good friends and racing. Once you've been to Le mans and spent time watching the cars racing though the night it gets into your soul. It draws you back year after year, well it does for me.
This year though I had to make do with just the TV experience. "Oh" you might say, "you'll have missed the atmosphere then?" And the answer is a resounding no.
This is the digital age as we all know. This year's race features 54 car, each with 3 drivers in. Pretty much each driver had a Twitter if Instagram feed to follow. The big teams like Audi and Toyota had team social media feeds. Audi and Porsche both had on board live feeds from their cars, Audi even had live real time telemetry from this cars. All for free I might add.
I could choose from a veriety of comms channels, Radio Le mans live from the race track, the race steward to teams comms, or even pit to car comms from corvette. The race organisers, the ACO and FIA, had an app with live race video and live timing, available on the web or as a stand alone for your tablet.
There wasn't anything that happened that I didn't know about the moment it happened and all for free.
This weekend its the Austrian GP from the newly refurbished A1 ring, now called the redbull ring. Bernie doesn't think social media is important to, it's a fad as far as he is concerned, some the kids do rather than listen to him blather on and on. He is a fool, a joke.
The race will be won by the same car that has won most of the season so far. Ferrari will complain it's not exciting enough as their car continues to struggle. There will be the usual back stabbing and infighting in the paddock.

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