Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The new prediction game is GO

It's all the usual guff
For each race:
Predict the top 10 DRIVERS, get bonus points for drivers in the correct place.
Predict the DRIVER who starts on pole position
Predict the DRIVER with the fastest lap
Predict which DRIVER will be last across the line
New for 2014

Welcome to the new age of V6 Turbo charge Formula one cars. The FUTURE IS NOW !!!. except Renault forgot to read the email telling the teams the new era started in 2014. So their new engine and energy recovery system doesn't quite work. Oh dear.
So we face the very real possibility that there won't be 10 cars to finish the longer and harder races this year. Certainly Australia might be a race of attrition, which means for the first time we will only count those cars that can limp it over the line at the end of the race.
However the FIA classify cars that complete 90% of the race, which means Maldonado could in theory crash into the wall 200 metres from the line and be classified ahead of Max who kept his nose clean but is three laps behind the winner. I personally don't think Maldo should be rewarded for smearing his car down the wall yet again, so in this event Max would be moved ahead in our standing because he's still going.
In summery then; We will now only count those cars that cross the line at the end of the race, if less than ten cars finish, non finishers will not be added to complete the top ten. Cars that fail to cross the line will be bumped for cars that are still running, This might mean our result does not match the FIA result.
If this rule isn't working, because its not obvious which cars have stopped and when, the rule may be changed.
Sign up today, read the rules and the Blog at: http://sidewaysbob.b...ction-game.html
This years its going to be as random as its possible to get, Redbull won't be out front hovering up the points, so even you stand a chance of winning this year. come on give it a go, its a laugh.
Good luck and get lots of friends and family to sign up now.. there are only 2 weeks till the first race !!!!

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