Sunday, 27 October 2013

Vettel, makes it look easy .... again.

Hi, i’m afraid this one is going to be very short. I had a bit of a family crisis this weekend so I didn’t really get to see enough of the F1 weekend to make much comment on it.

Vettel won and takes the championship, Newey rolled up on TV and said it was all down to the tyre change mid season. The tyre change they’d been demanding for the first half of the season. Since that change they have only lost one race and even then in Hungry Vettel was third.
So, well the teams try to work every rule to their advantage, you might say it was all a bit unfair and it devalued what had been an interesting championship up to that point. And you would be bag on the money.
It’ll have a think about all and write something a bit more considered in a bit. Right now, I’m exhausted after what has been a bit of a roller coaster for me and my family.

Vettel – four in a row, was it teh car or the driver or the designer ?
Rosberg – Hey remember him, he still drivers for Mercedes ... who knew.
Grosjean – cocked up qualifying, raced back to a podium, it’s a break out year for the Frenchman.
Massa – Why does he drive so well when he needs a contract ?
Perez – takes a leaf out of Massa’s book, might keep his McLaren seat yet.
Hamilton – out drove by Rosberg this weekend, not a happy bunny all weekend apparently.
Kimi – “get out of the f’in way you judas” does as he was told for a change.
Di Resta – Gets to finish a race for a change, still might not be enough.
Sutil – beaten by his unfancied team mate for a change. Blames the car.
Ricciardo – Back in the points again.

Kimi got the fastest lap after changing tyres with 1 lap left and nailing it like a hero. Lotus still unimpressed.

Finally Bianchi was dead last and got beaten by Chilton for a change.

So there you go, its Abu Dhabi next and there is still some interest to be had race fans.

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