Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wake me up when Hamilton gets back to the top 10.

An F1 fan this afternoon.

Not the most exciting of races again, only Ferrari cocking up the drafting in qualifying once again and Hamilton driving it old school to keep it interesting.

Actually I feel asleep at about the first third point and woke up again for the last third, so I'm not entirely sure what happened. I saw Hamilton go into the pits for the slow puncture, which didn’t seem to be that bad as he missed the pit entry for three laps after someone forgot to replace the batteries in his radio before the start of the race. I feel asleep then as it was pretty much over as a spectacle for me, to wake up to find he’s got all the way to the top ten ... hurrah. Then he stopped to change his tyres again and he was all the way back in nowheresville....booooo.
Then, sans radio he drove it like a proper racing driver with balls and vim and grit and determination and stuff, Vettel please take note. So yeah that was entertaining, whilst Vettel calmly went about his usual gig of driving away from the rest of the field. Apparently they had some sort of gearbox issue and a slightly wobbly tyre for a bit of the race. Didn’t seem to  make much difference to his pace though.
Oh well
Alonso tried, but the Ferrari just wasn’t going to catch Vettel once he was ahead.

Vettel wins after a pretty easy pole (I think, I fell asleep for that too).beat Webber off the line and flat spotted the front right into turn one, the vibrations messed up his dyed blond hair a little bit.  He then won by a country mile.  Dull dull dull dull dull dullness.

Alonso gave it some beans, bit of a banzai move for second from Webber in the opening laps. Decided to ignore the team and stay out for aaages when he should have come in for his tyre stop. Would have still come second regardless. Ho and indeed hum

Webber gets on the podium for the first and last time in his F1 career.  He didn’t really do anything wrong, but he might have tried a bit harder to take second from Alonso. Maybe he was worried about being lynched by the Tifosi after the race. Anyway, I don’t think he’s particularly bothered now; he’s off so Redbull wouldn’t let him win and Seb is pretty much nailed on to the championship win so why risk an accident.

Massa, who everyone is expecting to get fired on Wednesday at the team meeting before they head off round the world, showed once again that when he gets threatened with the sack, he goes really well. To be fair the Mercs and Lotus cars had problems so he had a clear run, but it’s always nice to see him up there on merit.

Hulkenberg was fifth with a fine drive that didn’t require too much actual racing, once again he benefited from the other top line cars not being there. Still he was third on the grid on merit and if that doesn’t put him front and centre for the Ferrari seat, I have no idea what will. Kimi might be that little bit faster, but the Hulk will always keep trying however rubbish the car is.

Rosberg sixth had that better weekend he’d been looking for. But look at Hamilton and what he got out of the car, Nico just sort of tooled round and didn’t get in the way of Lewis as he went past. His engineer told him to use Hamilton to drag him up the field, but he failed to do that. I think he was ahead of his team mate by default, not because he deserved it.

Ricciardo seventh, yeah okay pretty good.

Grosjean eighth more of the same really.

Hamilton’s ninth was the drive of the day in my book. AND the drivers these days have a pit wall telling them when to push, how they’re doing, where they can go faster, which bit of their car Webber knocked off etc. Lewis had to do the whole race with no one telling him how to do his job. He went out there a spanked it, not even a slowly deflating tyre put him off his stride. He was driving like they used to do it in the good old days, by the seat of his pants and a state of the art steering wheel dashboard. Next time you’re on the motorway, passing a sign for a turn off to some backwater Hicksville area. Imagine you’re doing 200 miles an hour, the car is vibrating all around you, and there is another driver in front of your weaving around to break the tow and stop you slipstreaming past (for the purposes of not being blamed for someone causing a multi car pileup on the M6 on Monday .. don’t actually do this) But the sign is being changed each time you go past it. With messages about who’s in front of you and when you have to stop and have a cup of coffee at the little chef.  There is a reason they developed state of the art pit to car radio systems. Waving a board at a car travelling past at 200 mph is pretty much waving a hope he saw you.
So I was dead impressed with what Lewis did. That fast that he apologised to the team for not getting a better result makes me love him even more. That is a proper racing driver, one with passion and heart.
Oh yeah and he got the fastest lap, at the end of the race. See even at the end he was still trying!

Button, tenth and still dull. Actually its been highly amusing watching him tell anyone that will listen and anyone that doesn’t care than he loves McLaren so much and how he desperately wants to stay at McLaren and he wants to drive a McLaren Honda so much and he really admires McLaren and thinks they are really, really ace and he thinks’ it’s his perfect team ... and dear lord please don’t fire my sorry ass McLaren.  

Max was last, i think we can kiss goodbye to Van Der Garde for last place now, he’s doing alright and Caterham have invested a bit of money in the car at last. The Marussia boys are going to be scrapping it out for the last spot now ... and that means its Max all the way. So you should all get a least five points a race now ....

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