Saturday, 18 May 2013

No Joe ... you're wrong.

Okay, right .. looking after tyres ... That's fine.

Looking after a fragile car ... that too is fine. 

Looking after tyres and driving at 75% to do so  ... that's not fine. 

Going flat out and looking after the tyres, that's okay.

In this day and age a modern F1 car from the back of the midfield boys forward is not going to fail mechanically. They are pretty much bullet proof. So you need to introduce a random element that gives the pit wall something to think about.

I understand that.

But giving the teams tyres that they can't really race on. Well no i don't understand that. And whilst the likes of Joe Seward complain that he is the only one that truly understands what is going on and we are all fools for thinking otherwise ... It's not much of a race if the winner is the one that drove slow enough to look after his tyres. Its not really racing is it ?

Well i don't think it is.

Ragging the arse off the car and rolling the dice with an extra stop ... fair enough. Driving Conservatively to get to the end without losing too many places ... screw that. Its not going to get the blood pumping to watch cars tool around, the pitwall telling the driver to slow down or he'll need to make a 5th stop.

That's artificial racing, right there. 

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  1. I agree, doing the maths on a 1 or 2 stop strategy is fair enough but trying to follow a 4 or 5 stopper is just dull