Sunday, 21 April 2013

Who cares, summers here.

Alright maybe Lotus is going to be the one to beat this year. Well, once they beat Vettel of course.

I spent Sunday having a jolly good time with friends and a cheeky bottle of red from the south side of the Loire I'm afraid.  So I'm not too sure what happened in the race.


Alonso’s flappy wing got stuck, so he wasn’t going to get many points, that’s now two races out of four that have cost him points. Hamilton demonstrated to Nico that going fast on Saturday isn’t as important as being fast on Sunday. And the Lotus boys laid a marker down for the rest of the season, they’re going to be up the sharp end all year it would appear.
Force India got their act together at last and Di Resta showed he can be as irritating as any of the top runner. Also getting their act together was McLaren and surprise, surprise Perez finally grew a pair and showed why he’s a McLaren driver, a proper feisty run in an underpowered car.

Okay, the FIA website isn’t publishing the official results as I write this, so things might change. But I’ve seen nothing to say the FIA have thrown the rule book at anyone in the top ten, so I’ll go with the result on Autosport. If there are any problems I’ll sort it all out later.

So Vettel gets his second win of the year and no one can complain he stole this one. Nico beat him to pole on Saturday to pretty much every one’s surprise. But when the lights went out on Sunday it didn’t take Vettel too long to get to the front. This time Redbull didn’t try to be too clever or roll any dice, they just went for outright speed and controlled the race from the front.  When the TV director spend 90% of the race watching McLaren team mates duking it out, you know the leaders under no pressure what so ever. And so it proved today, this win pops Vettel into the lead of the championship and I think on current form its going to take a lot to shift him. Ho hum

Kimi is Second and again it was because he looked after the tires and didn’t do anything stupid. He’s now ten points behind Vettel in the championship and yes it looks like it’s going to be a two horse race between these two. It could be worse; it could be between Vettel and Webber I suppose.

Grosjean, yes remember him? Well he didn’t hit anyone or do anything stupid and delivered the points with a solid third. Well done him.

Di Resta. There you go, get your team mate to rile you up into a towering rage of self important self righteous indignation and you too can finally show the world that you do indeed have some talent. All that PR nonsense wasn’t just smoke and mirror it seems. Well, in reality he should have had a podium and didn’t really make Grosjean work too hard, so I'm still not too sure why some people think he’s the second coming. But give the kid his five minutes of glory; he’s equalled his best F1 result to date.

Hamilton, in a face saving drive from ninth to fifth result and he still can’t do any wrong in my book. More rubbish British drivers would have just let Webber cruise off into the distance, but Lewis kept at it and once again showed Nico just who is the number one driver at Mercedes.

Perez, oh lordy can you believe it the Mexican Dullard actually has a pair of balls and can actually race like a proper F1 driver. He was feisty all race, dealt with Button who was being extremely slow and rubbish and  looked like he actually knew what the loud pedal was for. He’s still boring and far as I'm concerned, when the team manager has to tell the media that his driver has to get his finger out, you know he’s dull.  But this might just be the race that Perez looks back as the turning point.

Webber, was never going to be up the front and so it proved. A late race dice with Hamilton was entertaining whilst it lasted.

Alonso then. What seemed like “the year to finally win” is fast turning into “the year it all went wrong”. Everyone expected Ferrari to walk away with the race but a sticky flappy wing meant two early unscheduled stops and an afternoon tooling around avoiding Perez and Maldonado. Just think last year everyone in a Ferrari top was running around like a headless chicken, waving their arms about and declaring it the worst Ferrari ever. This year they started the season with a knowing wink and a gleam in their eye that it couldn’t be as bad as that again!! Never count you winner’s trophies until Vettel stops waving his finger around. A salutary lesson for us all there, I think.

Rosberg ninth, well that didn’t go to plan did it! Get pole and win was the game plan, not get pole and rag the back side off the car and drop slowly down the order until you limp home behind a man with no DRS for the ENTIRE race. Hopeless, absolutely hopeless! I said he needed to show everyone what he was made of and remind the team that it was him that held it all together as Mickey collected the pay cheques. I mean the pole was brilliant, no one predicted that and the first time Mercedes got back to back poles since Moss and Fangio in 1955. And yes I know the Mercs are really hard on their rear tyres, but Hamilton can deliver the results, why can’t Nico?

Finally Button had a race to forget in tenth, it was all rather embarrassing, having to plead with the team to stop Perez trying to over take him. A sort of half hearted attempt at dominating his team mate was rather limp wristed and Perez was soon past. Like Perez, Jenson might well look back as this weekend as a turning point. The car looks to be back on track though, if not yet fast enough to challenge the top ten on Sunday. If they just had two drivers that could qualify well, they’d have more options and not have to try and pick up points like a pair of fat pigeons standing under the bird table.

Vettel got the fastest lap, just to show off I think,

And Van Der Garde is last yet again. I think he’s going to get fired any day now. Kovalainen was back in the car on Friday here to “Help the team evaluate the car and its problems” he said they had two rubbish drivers and maybe they shouldn’t have fired him last year. So, if you don’t have Mr Garde in last, you’re really missing the point of this game ! 

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