Tuesday, 7 September 2010

It's a full chat blat round Monza, Forza.

Rightyho then, it's off to Italy and the fastest race of the year.


It's about as fast as it gets theses days. A good old no holds bared, "what do you mean safety" full chat blat through the Italian countryside. Cleaver aero bits and flexible wings are not going to help too much here. It's all about just how fast can you go in a straight line. Grunt and plenty of it is what's required.
Based on what we saw in Belgium I'd say it could be a straight fight between the McLaren boys here. Yes i know Button didn't finish, but he managed to keep Vettel behind him, whilst driving with a broken front wing. Even with no front end grip through the twisty bit, he could hold Vettel off until the dopey German driver got it all wrong into the bus stop.

Also based on the result from Spa, you have to look at the Renaults as a possible winner here. They appear to have found some straight line speed from somewhere. It might have been their f-duct that kept them ahead of the Redbulls, but it was grunt that kept them close to the McLarens. I can see Kubica back on the podium this weekend. maybe, with a fair wind and a bit of luck he could win this. Maybe.

I'm also expecting the Force India's to be up there this weekend too. It's another low downforce track that seems to suit their car and both Sutil and Liuzzi scored in Spa, Liuzzi more by luck, but sometimes that's all it takes.

Ferrari always want to go well here, it's their home track after all. The Tifosi will be expecting Alonso to deliver something here, after a lot of whinging and not a lot of delivering. However, Ferrari have to face the music over the "team orders" storm in a teacup FIA trial today (Wednesday) and the FIA may feel the need to throw the book at Ferrari for no good reason other than they're cheating Italians. There has been a lot of "Rules interpretation" this year from the teams, with flexible wings and floors, ride heights that change in park ferme and suspension systems that do more than suspend. So the FIA may feel that it's time to swinging the FIA BAN HAMMER OF DOOM around to remind all the teams that pushing rules is one thing but blatant cheating in a real obvious way is quite another thing.
I don't think they'll get much more than a points deduction, but the FIA do take a dim view of teams getting bad press for not putting on a show and they might put the team on probation or ban them for a race. What bigger example of your power can you give then banning Ferrari from it's home race. It's unlikely I know. But this is the FIA we're talking about.

Anyway. Over at the Redbull garage the boys are looking at a damage limitation race. Both cars will have new engines but they just don't have the straight line speed of the over contenders. I don't even think they'll get pole this time out. Unless they can bring something very special to the party, i suspect they'll try to stay with the Ferrari, Mclaren Battle as long as possible and try to beat the Renaults. This race may very well decide which of the Redbull drivers is going to get the nod from Horner. A podium or top five for Webber would put Vettel pretty much out of the running with 5 races to go. If Vettel could win and Webber be back in the pack then his tilt at the title is still on. So both drivers are going to be looking around for each other, whoever is closest to Hamilton will be the favored son.

As for the rest, Williams have called time on this years car, but Barrichello could make up for Spa and get a top 10 here. The Torro Rosso boys could be top 10 is the Williams boys have an off day. Algy what's it had a 10th spot until the FIA intervened in Spa after all. Over at Sauber and Krazy Koby has been signed for another year and De La Rosa looks more and lore likely to be fired any day now. Koby is a feisty little racer and i wouldn't be surprised if he makes the top 10 if the Likes of Petrov and Barrichello make a mess of it. He's good enough, but the car can be temperamental at times.
Lotus and Virgin are both bringing new bits this weekend both teams want to beat each other and maybe Torro Rosso with a bit of luck. Points mean survival down this end of the pits. I think maybe Virgin will have the edge here. It's a speed track and the Virgin is faster than the Lotus, if it can hold together then i think Glock can beat Trulli and Kovalainen.

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