Sunday, 27 June 2010

Valencia .. pretty much dull

Well what can i say ... Well done Germany, It doesn't get much more convincing than that i suppose.

Vettel confounded the pundits and put Redbull back on top at a circuit that shouldn't have suited their car. Valencia is all long straights and silly little corners. Not long fast sweeping corners that suit the Redbulls balanced performance. Both of them were faster than anyone else and Qualifying was done before most of the big boys had had a chance to play, so dominate was Vettel. The much fancied McLarens weren't to far behind, but needed the Redbulls to fail if they wanted a win.

Mickey Schumacher looked lost all weekend and only just scrapped into Q2. All the money Brawn and Mercedes are throwing at their driver and he's beaten yet again By Rosberg, and now the Williams pop up from nowhere and make him eat their dust.

Meanwhile, Webber once again proved than when it all goes wrong for him, he can really really screw it up royally. He started on the dirty side of the grid in second place, but had made it back to 9th by the end of the first lap. So Redbull tried pitting early for the new tires to try and jump the faster boys. But a sticky front left put him back behind a slow Kovalinium in the Lotus. A car that the much faster Redbull should pass with ease. Except that Webber arsed around for a lap or two and then, in a moment of utter stupidity, followed the hapless Finn into the breaking zone and was then astonished when the Lotus driver hit the brakes. He shot over the top of the lotus, did a slow backwards rotation and landed on his wheels before hitting the barrier very hard. Kovalimum had no idea what hit him. Webber got out of the car and was driven off to the medical centre to see if he has any brain at all to damage. He is fast become the new Trulli for me!

So a pretty comfortable win for Vettel really, he didn't look like being touched all weekend cruzing to an easy flag to flag win. He's got his championship back on track now, moving up to 3rd behind the McLaren Duo.

Hamilton gets second after a mix up about over taking the safety car before or after it left the pit exit. He gained a drive through as Alonso threw a hissy fit when he got caught by the safety car and Lewis didn't. He tried to catch Vettel with a series of stunningly fast laps, but Vettel had the measure of the plucky English lad who was forced to settle for second. Given the drive through i suppose that's as good as he could have hopped for. He still leads the championship and that's what counts.

Button tops out the podium, two English flags behind the one German. Button did alright, he was held up by the Sauber of Kobayashi for a long time, but made the jump to third when the Japanese driver stopped for tires four laps from home.

Barrichello pops up in 4th, I've no idea how, they're been rubbish all season and yet here, but for an exploding tire they'd have got 2 cars in the top ten. Will wonders never cease. Barrichello didn't do anything silly and the car held together. Well done him.

Kubica had the chance to be on the podium this weekend, but a duff final qualifying and he makes it to 5th only.

Sutil, didn't get hit by anyone and makes it to 6th

A fantastic result for Kobayshi, who stayed out when the safety car came out, leaving him a top 3 spot for a long time before he had to come in to change tires. He wouldn't have been there without the safety car, but he gambled on the hard tires lasting for almost the whole race and made it work for him. Then came out and over took Alonso who was still having a hissy fit about Hamilton being second and he wasn't, Crazy Koby breezed passed the whinging Spaniard and then took Buemi on the last corner of the race to claim 7th spot. Well done to him.

8th for Alonso who spent most of the race complaining about Hamilton and how it was so unfair he was ahead of the Ferrari driver. To be honest if he's just shut up and concentrated on driving, he might have got a better result. But why drive when you can whinge about your nemesis huh. Perhaps things aren't as rosy as they used to be with Ferrari. I wonder how long before Alonso starts to get linked to a move back to Renault hmmmm.

9th for Buemi who gets bumped with a 5 second penalty for driving too fast when the safety car was out .. or something. He had kept Alonso back for a long time, so respect to him for that.

10th and bumped up as De Le Rosa gets bumped down for the speeding thing is Rosberg. Who yet again beat Mickey, hurrah. But it's luck more than anything as that car is still a dog even after all development parts were bolted on.

Lotus dropped the ball, Kovy was taken out and Trulli complained about the car being too green or something. So Di Grassi in the Virgin win the Tail End Charlie Challenge. a lap ahead of Chandhoks HRT.


  1. wake me up when we can go motor-racing again

  2. The silverstone 1000km in September would be my next planned race, oh and Goodwood this weekend.