Sunday, 21 March 2010

Will it be a snooze fest down under ?

We’re off to the Albert Park, in down town Melbourne, Australia. It’s a medium fast, temporary track. It’s got some sensible bits and some silly bits. Drivers need to be smooth here and not kiss the wall too often. It’ more forgiving than Monaca, faster too. But still need concentrations from the driver. Usually it’s the first race of the year so form is no guide here. New drivers in new cars can go well here as old hands get sloppy and over confident.

Can anything stop the march of Ferrari ?

Vettel may have bagged the pole in Bahrain but the Redbull, according to Ferrari, didn’t have the legs at the end. Redbull might argue about that, Vettel kept Nico behind him when the spark plug started working again after all. Webber once again talked a good race and didn’t supply anything of any interest. Redbull probably have the best one lap car, but will it prove to be as fragile as last years car. As Alonso cruise up to the chequered flag, Massa held station as rear gunner. If he’s to stop Alonso from taking over his head boy badge he need to dominate in Australia, not something he normally does. Alonso should win on form, Vettel will be better than Bahrain, Massa is wild when under pressure. Webber is on home soil and needs to make up ground on the leaders

Whilst Button failed to shine, Hamilton won the first round of the fight to be best Brit. The McLarens didn’t look to have the legs of Vettel or the two Ferraris. Hamilton was fast once he cleared Nico but their trick air wing thing didn’t look all that trick come the speed trap. Button needs to be good here on a circuit that should suit his smooth style. Hamilton for another podium probably, button to make the top 5.

Not looking too trick either was Heir Schumacher. Where was the spark , the daring do, the win at all cost? He drove off the line like he was in a women’s institutes all comers 20 yard pancake tossing dash. SOOOOOOO SLLOOOWWWWWLLLLYYYYY. He claims he’s rusty, but to clean up rusty you have to go out and practice practice practise. That’s not something you can do anymore and sitting in front of the 42“ plasma knackering the PS3 pad isn’t going to get him race ready now. Are we about to see Schumacher’s first mid table season ? I don’t think he’ll be any better in Australia, but this is the 7 times world champion (three years ago)

“leave it out, he’s a facking hero sunbeam”

Nico Rosberg did a good job in Bahrain, showing Schumacher the way home and beating him through out the weekend. If he can continue that run of form he might just be remembered as more than the guy who Schumacher beats. He does well here usually, in rougher cars than a Brawn Merc. He’s fast and smooth and on a mission to beat the ex-best. A solid top 5 beckons

So that’s you’re top eight. Put them into some sort of order.

As to 9th and 10th,well that will probably come from either Williams or Force India. Barrichello is not the sort to get flustered and is racking up the miles to collect the pension. Sutil needs to start delivering the results. If any of the big boy’s trip up, then these two will be there. Liuzzi is also being talked up by those in the know. But he could hardly give me the time of day when I met him, so I don’t like him.

Sauber and Torro Rosso will be shit yet again.

As to those Tail End Charlies that proved so exciting last time out. Well Lotus has to be favourite to finish ahead of the others again. Though i think Virgin might get one to the flag this time. HRT will get both cars to pratice, neither will make it further than Q1 or half distance actually 1/3 distrance might be seen as a victory.

There will be more over taking this time out. I'm sure of it


  1. Nice summary, one thing though;

    "There will be more over taking this time out. I'm sure of it"

    Could there be any less...?

  2. If vettel doesn't run out of petrol agin , then yes. There will be less overtaking. ;)