Tuesday, 15 December 2009


in Lotus.

Colin chapman will be spinning in his grave.

And kovalimuniumnn too !

So then Mickey shoes is all but set to announce a return tot he fold. Personaly i think it's a mistake. There, i've said it. I dson't think he'll be fast enough and i think he has nothing left to prove. Why come back and risk his reputation as one of the best, when he hasn't raced competatively (apart from the ROC thing) in 3 years.
Especially in a Mercedes, which i think we can all admit, benifited from Honda pulling the plug on the 08 car to start building the 09 car. something they didn't do this year. They'll be in the same boat as everyone else and look how that turned out for them this year. Once everyone else was up to speed , Brawn struggled to get the results.
Mclaren, Redbull and Ferrari will be the teams to beat next year. Mercedes will be the best of the rest. so why would Mickey come back to that ? I think Brawn were just in the right place at the right moment and rode their luck to the title. 2 new driver, one of which hasn't driven a high downforce car in 3 years, the other has yet to really put a whole weekend together and wina race.

I think Mickeys making a mistake. I really do

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  1. I remember when Mercedes had been unofficially in Group C for a few years and then decided to go the whole hog, took over Sauber (to all intents and purposes) and we got the C9.

    That wasn't a bad motor, if memory serves...