F1 Prediction Game 2015 is GO!

And this is me beating you and  winning the F1 prediction game too.
The 2015 Formula 1 Prediction Game

What you have to do:

For each race:

Predict who will be the top 10 DRIVERS, you get more points for drivers in the correct place.
Predict the DRIVER who starts on pole position
Predict the DRIVER with the fastest lap
Predict which DRIVER will be the last classified finisher

Simply pick the drivers in the order you think they will finish.

You can only choose each driver once for the top 10 Positions.

Obviously you can choose the same driver for pole and fastest lap, even last place if you are so desire.

An e-mail will be sent to you before each race. Usually it'll just be me rambling on about the season so far, what sort of track they will be racing on this week and interesting facts and stuff. This is to remind you that a race is coming and you need to do something. If you do nothing then your prediction will roll over from the last race.

You can pick one Top 10 at the start of the season and leave it to run, change it for every other race, or change it each race. It is entirely up to you.

How the points work

1 point for each driver who finishes in the top 10.

A driver in the correct position will score 3 points in total

There are a total of 5 points for getting the winner right.

5 points for predicting the correct driver on pole. – Defined as the driver who starts on pole on Sunday afternoon. This might not necessarily be the driver who gets pole on Saturday, see below.

5 points for predicting the driver with the fastest lap. As per the FIA website

5 points for predicting the last classified driver to finish the race. This is as per the FIA result

• So correctly predict the winner of the race and you’ll get 5 points

• Predict a driver in the right finishing position and you’ll get 3 points for each correct driver

• Predict the driver in the top 10 but in the wrong place just 1 point each.

• Suspect that Max is in fact rubbish and reap the reward of 5 points..

It really is that easy.

It's really really simple ... like me !

Rules of play  

Over the years the FIA stewards have felt the racing wasn’t exciting enough, and their boy wasn’t winning as much as they’d like. So, in moments of pure pantomime, they began changing the results as they saw fit.
This made life for me extremely difficult, with lots of unhappy people and numerous recalculations. I don’t like having to do recalculations. So the result will stand as of midnight GMT on Sunday night. Unless I make a mistake with cars not crossing the line, in which case I will reissue the result.

If the race result is changed 3 weeks later in the FIA of court appeal, we will not be changing our results. It’s too complicated to go changing results from 2 races ago.
If the FIA change the results after midnight on Sunday … sorry. We’re not going back.
Prey they catch the blatant cheats in pre race scrutineering.

The pole position driver is defined as the driver who STARTS the race on pole. So if Roseberg beats Hamilton to the pole on Saturday, but then needs to change the engine and gets a 5 place grid penalty, he will be starting in 5th place and Hamilton will start on pole and get all the glory.

Drivers that are fired though the year for being a bit rubbish and generally a waste of Pirelli rubber, will be replaced in your predictions with the replacement driver. So you don’t have to worry about sorting your team out if you’re on holiday. Similarly, drivers replaced for one or two races because they had a "gardening accident" and in no way because they crashed their snow mobile in the forest after a night on the vodka. Will be covered by any replacement drivers

Races that are stopped half way through, for whatever reason, will use whatever the FIA publish as the result. This is usually the race order on the lap before it was stopped. We will still be giving full points for the race, unlike the FIA who only give half.

If the race is cancelled, rained off, blown up by terrorist fighting for some sort of free speech, that sort of thing, so there is no race on Sunday afternoon. The result we use will be the grid on Saturday afternoon. This will include any penalties that may have been applied. I.e. drivers being dropped 10 places for engine changes. Etc. If the race is rescheduled and takes place on Monday …we'll see if that actually happens first.

If the race is cancelled entirely, there will be no points awarded. I’ll just scratch the race from the results. This may well happen with certain middle eastern events and we can only hope that common sense is applied and it gets cancelled well before hand.

I WILL BE THE SOLE PROVIDER OF RESULTS. If I make a blatant mistake tell me and I'll sort it out. Please don't take it too seriously, mistakes happen after a bottle or wine and I'm quite happy to correct any errors I make.
If you don’t like these rules or the way I implement them, feel free go and play one of the numerous other F1 fantasy games on the web. This is a free to play affair and is just a bit of fun.

You can change your predictions as many times as you like up to midnight on the Thursday before each race.
Except for Monaco where practice starts on the Thursday, then predictions must be in by midnight on the Wednesday.

Once the clock ticks over, any changes will be applied to the next race. I can NOT change any predictions if you make a mistake, they can NOT be rolled back for you. It is a locked system from me to avoid any accusations of any kind. I like to play the game as well so I must abide by the rules.

If you realize that your prediction is utter rubbish on Monday morning and what you really meant was so much better and could you just have the prediction you meant to have … sorry, it's too late.

Check out the BBC web page at: BBC F1

Also see the Autosport web page for info Autosport

James Allen is very insightful; however expect much Ferrari sucking up: James Allen on f1

Adam Cooper is an excellent F1 commentator:  Adam Cooper F1

Brilliant technical F1 information from: Scabs F1

So there we go, it’s pretty simple really, predict the top 10, the fastest driver and the guy on pole on Sunday pick a rubbish last place driver. Then open a bottle if wine and sit back to enjoy the race.

Sign up and play today:

Good luck.

"did i update my prediction? ... and i must remember not to crash!"

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